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Hello Everyone I know this topic has appeared several times in the past - but, does anyone know of an English speaking dentist ?  Auch area would be great but in the circs I am more than willing to travel ! I know that public posting is not allowed but would be grateful for a pm if anyone can help. Many Thanks.

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hi all we are early retirees living in France since July 2014. We came over with S1s which expire in January 2016. We currently have Carte Vitales which presumably expire at the same time.  I have read that we have a right as citizens of the EU, to affiliate to the French healthcare system if we have been resident in France for more than 3 months. We should apply to the CMU ( I have printed off the form "votre acces a l'Assurance Maladie: la Couverture Maladie Universalle/ Protection de base" and take the form to our local CPAM office to send to a central office in Nimes. Has anybody any experience of this?  Thank you   dianne Naylor

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Hello All I am seeking recommendations, from first hand experience, of a good kine preferably in the Castelnau Magnoac/Boulogne sur Gesse area, but will travel within reason for a good practioner. Many thanks Anne

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Hello. I am hoping to pick the brains of the Angloinfo members in the Mirepoix area. I am a Vinyasa Yoga teacher and I am seeing if there is an interest in the Mirepoix area for Yoga classes in English. I am living out in the countryside and there are very few English speaking people near to me so I was thinking of coming further towards Mirepoix for work (until my french has improved enough to take classes in french). I would like to offer classes during school hours (I have four children in school) either morning or afternoon - which ever there is a need for. I would be very grateful to hear whether there is any interest.

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Hello everybody ! I just need your advices, tricks or help to promote some wellness services and workshops. How to create a network arround these activities, and propose to English speaking people  some massage or reflexology courses for family use? How to create welness events for festive occasionsand help people get relaxed ? Where can I find sport communities in Toulouse and surrounigs to offer dedicated group or private sessions ? Many many thanks for your interst and replies. Hope to be followed in my project... Karina S.

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Hi Can anyone help us with the process for getting a Card Vitale? My wife has a Brit and Oz passport but I have only an Aussie passport but I do have a Titre de Soujour (for 5 years). We've heard that registering an Enterprise may be the way to go? We're both accredited freelance journalists plus can import/export Oz/French goods. Thanks F n A      

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Hi, moving to Narbonne end of October from the Lot Valley. My Wife who is 50% deaf in both ears and thus has difficulty with English let alone French is looking for an English Hairdresser, preferably who will do home vists. Has anyone got any ideas or knowledge of one.   Thanks in advance.   Linda and John

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we are tourists in Montauban at present, for today 23 Sept. Can someone let me know the contact details for an English speaking doctor in this town please??

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I'd like to take swimming lessons to improve my skills and just do some swimming in general over the fall/winter. Are there any public pools open in the evenings around Lannemazan/Trie/Castelanau? I know there's a pool in Lannemezan but it's not open in the evenings. Any suggestions very much appreciated. Thanks.

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We live in the center of the Gers. We need a dentist who would be capable of GOOD cosmetic dentistry. Because of dreconian rules you will need to to reply by private message, thanks.

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Hi everyone, I wander if you can all give a little advice on the following. I have a Carte Vitale and would like to know if dental work is coverd by the card? I have the basic you know I pay 30% ameli covers 70% Also could anyone give an approximate cost say for consultations, x-rays, white fillings and possible bridge repair work I'm not looking for a definitive cost just a kind of "ball park" figure. I live close to Lannemezan / Castelnau area Thank you all so much for your kind help.

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Hello All If you'd like a reason to go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon to help walk off the Sunday lunch, then why not do it in good company and with a purpose? The dog refuge at Lannemezan - Les Potes a Pouf - has an amazing team of people that turn out for Walking Wednesdays each week and all the dogs get out of the refuge for a walk. Last week we had more people than dogs, so we've decided to start Sunday Strolls, so that the dogs get out twice each week. So many of these dogs had never left the refuge at all in their lives before these weekly walks started and they have made an enormous difference to the health and well-being of many of the dogs. Join us this Sunday and help make even more of a difference. 3pm at the refuge (just past ALDI in Lannemezan). Park at Leader Price and walk down, or park in front of the refuge. A walk is wasted without a dog! Anne

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Hello there, does anyone know of a translator based in Pau who would be willing to attend a medical consultation at Pau hospital please? This is a bit last minute; my partner and I have an appointment at 4pm on Monday and have decided that though we do speak some French we could do with some assistance with the finer/more technical details. I have looked in the classified section and await a response from the one person who is based near Pau but am hoping that someone here may be able to offer assistance with this. Thank you! :O)  

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Does anyone know of an English speaking dentist Near Saint Gaudens, Montrejeau, Boulogne sur Gesse or Llanamezan areas Or elsewhere. I am based between Saint Gaudens and Montrejeau and can travel. Many thanks.

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I'm trying to get an idea of the cost of wisdom teeth extraction under general anaesthesia.  As it has to be done in the hospital, the dentist doesn't know. I have a carte vitale but no mutuelle. Any wisdom (ha ha) you want to share on this will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hello,  Could anyone please recommend an English speaking Ophthalmologist and Gynaecologist  in the South Midi-Pyrénées area? Please email names and contact details to me, as they cannot be posted on this site publicly. Thank you.

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I have been living in France for nearly 3 years now with my partner and 10 year old daughter.  I suffer from periods of acute depression, and have found the healthcare system here in general very good, however my partner has received no support, and following a period where I have spent 2 months in hospital and am still very poorly I am becoming increasingly concerned that he has no-one to turn to for help or support.  Does anyone know of any groups, councellors etc who deal with these kinds of problems.  His understanding of French is good but there is no way he could discuss his feelings and problems concerning my illness in French. Thank you Alison Workman

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My wife is currently rather down over a health problem. She does enjoy a massage and on a previous visit she had one at a hairdressers come beauty place and was very dissatisfied. Does anyone know of a good one near Boulogne sur Gess / L'Isle en Dodon / St Gaudens areas that preferrably spleak English? I did do a search on here and nothing recent came up.

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Hi. We are trying to find out about best hospital/surgeon for a hip replacement in either Montauban or the Toulouse area. If anyone can help, we would be very grateful for a PM. 

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Hi, I am looking for a very good dentist in Lannemezan, Tarbes, St.Gaudens area.  Had bad experience earlier, so would be nice to find somebody who really spends time with patients and does an excellent job. Regards, Lu

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