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Hi there I am new to the area, I live just outside of Toulouse in the direction of Castres. Does anyone know of a gym or fitness center in the Union or surrounding area? I know about Curves, but i'm looking for something other than that. Somebody mentioned a municiple (marie) gym in St Jean area,but I can't seem to find it. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

started by: peaky-603890 · last update: 1250240713 · posted: 1250202107

Hi,Has anyone got a treadmill ( walking /running machine) for sale.Nothing too fancy and expensive please.

started by: durforte-603574 · last update: 1249764583 · posted: 1249751999

Does anyone know of a doctor in or around Lauzerte or Moissac who speaks resonable English. If so, e mail direct, do not post, as illegal in France to publish on net I think. Thank you.

started by: Speedy P-601579 · last update: 1247078269 · posted: 1244371435

Can anyone reccommend an English speaking hairdresser in the Lannemazan/La Berthe de Neste area? Or do you know of a mobile hairdresser in the area?

started by: sunseeker-606118 · last update: 1246908304 · posted: 1246905490

Hi Can anyone recommend a chiropracteur in Castelsarrasin nr Moissac. You cannot post names on the forum but if you have any info I would be grateful if you would pm me

started by: Pompy-603956 · last update: 1246615659 · posted: 1246612421

hello I live in the Auch area and am looking for a dentist would prefer if he/she speaks English, and how to go about using one ? would be very grateful for any answers. thanks you

started by: Lorraine-601280 · last update: 1246322556 · posted: 1246309348

Anyone know of an English speaking one in the St Gaudens area? Please pm me if you do - you are not allowed to print doctors names on the forum.

started by: sunseeker-606118 · last update: 1243357924 · posted: 1242998256

Hi Has anyone used any of the hairdressers in either Montcuq or Lauzerte for a cut/colour if so please could you tell me if you would recommend anyone in particular? Thank you

started by: LISA-601851 · last update: 1242919763 · posted: 1242892279

Hi, Do you have to go the the doctor to get antibiotics or can the pharmacist sell them to you.(Ear infection)Thanks

started by: aster-605482 · last update: 1242570905 · posted: 1242563691

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could recommend an English speaking hairdresser in the Gers area, somewhere within reach of Masseube/Mirande/Mielan/Auch.Thanks for any help.

started by: pamela1-599651 · last update: 1242311797 · posted: 1242311797

Hi, Doe's anyone know of an english speaking optician in the Lot. Anywhere from Cahors, Fumel, area. Thankyou

started by: sunseeker-606118 · last update: 1242070798 · posted: 1241891352

Hi Please can anyone recommend a really good modern ladies hairdresser who does the foil meches for colours in this area, preferably english speaking but would rather have 'good' hairdresser than they speak english, otherwise my husband is threatening me with short back and sides with a razor! Please help! Thanks

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Hi, Can anyone recommend an English speaking doctor, near Montaigu de Quercy, Lauzerte or Tournon areas.ThanksLisa

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anyone out there know any more information about this flu. there is now someone in spain who has it so it is getting closer. can we get antibiotics from the doctor? how does it spread? do we take the kids out of school?

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Hi ... does anyone have any experience (good!) of a dentist local to Boulogne-sur-Gesse/Aurignac area ? I seem to remember someone mentioning on this forum a good one in L'Isle en Dodon... Please pm me direct. Thanks.

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Please can anyone recommend a chiropractor in the Montcuq or surrounding area preferable english speaking. Apparantly you cannot post a name on here but if anyone can email a name to me I would be very grateful. Thanks

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Hi We are moving near Montcuq at the end of the month and my husband has a bad back and after the 18 hour drive from where we live in the uk I think he may need to see one pretty much when we get there! Does anyone know of a good chiropractor in this area that speaks english? Thanks

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking doctor in St Gaudens/St Martory area of Dept 31 please. Please email me to be in accordance with French regulations. Thanks a lot.Lorraine

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Does anyone out there know of a good English/ English speaking hairdresser in or around the Gers (32). Thanks

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Hi all, just to say that the yoga has recommenced in Maubourguet. Monday's at 4pm for english speaking 6pm for french and Wednesday aft's for young children. And a happy and healthy New Year to all. Catherine.

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