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does any body know of a fluent English speaking doctor near Lannemezan? We need to find one for our daughter who has special needs

started by: britinnam · last update: 1430420246 · posted: 1363003299

Please can anybody email me with a good dentist who does dental implants. We live in St Puy near to Condom Email ptheyes@gmail.com   Thank you for your help Philip

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For the second time in as many months, I've got bronchitis.  Never had it in the UK, but get it quite often here, along with similar eg pleurisy.  I wondered if it's the stuff they spray on the fields?  When I clean the terraces & garden furniture, there's always a red deposit which has to be power washed off - ordinary hose pressure not enough.  That can't be good  for the chest, surely?  Anyone else get the same?

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Hi Has anybody had medical treatment in another E.U State and then claimed the expenses here in France from CPAM and Mutuelle.? CPAM have told me that payment must be made upfront in the other state and then reimbursement is made here in France by CPAM on presentation of the medical receipts from the other State Just wondering what peoples experiences have been in relation to this particular procedure Regards Phoenix1

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Has anyone found a good beauty salon or day spa in 31, 32, or 65? Thanks  Val

started by: valhoc-610446 · last update: 1427242346 · posted: 1427016518

Anyone know of any classes of either  in 31 , 32 or 65  ? thanks Val

started by: ranajrodger-615851 · last update: 1427197536 · posted: 1427130709

Hi I m looking for a good dentist who can do a tooth implant in the Tarn-et-Garonne area or Cordes, Montauban, Cahors, Albi Does any body know what sort of prices French dentists charge to do implants? Are they cheaper in France than in the UK? Thanks Gappytooth

started by: stagmond · last update: 1426239424 · posted: 1426146657

Hello, Anyone know a good mobile hair dresser in the Toulouse area that speaks English? Failing that, a salon that speaks good English?   thanks in advance

started by: Dianne-996005 · last update: 1424947192 · posted: 1424946774

hi does anybody know of an English speaking Gp in Lannemezan or La Barthe de Neste in 65? Dianne

started by: Paddy-991614 · last update: 1424875241 · posted: 1424861379

Hello, does anyone know of any Pilates classes in the St Girons, Salies du Salat or St Gaudens area? 

started by: susanna-997073 · last update: 1424626622 · posted: 1424614045

Does anyone know if there is anything similar to hospice care in France? Home from home atmosphere - with good medical attention? Thanks

started by: Chateau-996639 · last update: 1424350404 · posted: 1424291313

Hello, I am asking if anyone has gone to Budapest for dental work, or any where else to get good , safe, affordable dental work? Thanks

started by: FizzFizz-610125 · last update: 1424088525 · posted: 1423743417

I'm hoping to get some feedback on either of these companies. I am inclined to go with Allianz because they are well known and I have a friend who has had a good experience with them, but I just wanted to get a bit more anecdotal info if possible. Thanks in advance!  

started by: R.S.Ellis · last update: 1424082462 · posted: 1423994149

Hi Can anyone recommend a decent dentist in the Vic-fezensac area please? A bit of english would be useful but it's not essential. Thanks in advance

started by: frenchy-899050 · last update: 1420361612 · posted: 1420349280

Does anyone know if it is easy to get hold of a dentist on a Sunday. I have really bad toothache and believe it to be an abscess. Ideally Montrejeau or St Gaudens. Thanks

started by: curlywurly-612084 · last update: 1417212051 · posted: 1288192790

Has anyone done this over here? to work from home.Has anyone registered using the AE scheme? and if so how easy was it, and where do you get your insurance from, what docs do you need etc.Thank you in advance.

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my husband injured his hand. my carte vitale is still in the ether and the local doc sent us to a Bulli in Muret for his hand, 2 visits later, hand is still bad and we need to find an english speaking ortho. hubby is going mad and I am really getting tired of it. I've threatened to send him home to mum but would really prefer to get it sorted locally-ish. Any ideas?  

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My paperwork for flu vaccination has not arrived this year although we have received my husband's. Can anyone tell me what to do please, I know they only cost 6-odd euros + doc's fee but I don't want to pay this if not necessary. Thanks.

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I'm looking for a recommendation of a good mental health care professional. I have a friend who believes he is suffering from depression. He has tried numerous things, including changing his diet and yoga, but there is a blockage. I believe he really needs to see a recommended mental health care professional but he despairs of finding anything over here. He is a long-term resident of France and speaks good French. He lives in the Haute-Pyrénées but would travel. Thanks.

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Courses in English are on Tuesday at 2 pm in Kdance studio, Leguevin, close to Super U. If you want more info ring me, Ibtissem, on 06 33 32 71 97, or email taksimoriental@gmail.com. I also have a website http://danse-orientale-toulouse.fr/en/classes/

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