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The YOGA classes previously held in Samoullian have now moved to a brand new facility in the centre of Aurignac. Courses in English and French, daytime and evenings, starting on 3rd January

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Can anyone help! i have lived in a France for fifteen years - my mother who is 76 would like to come and live with me. She has a NHS pension and British state pension. what process would she have to go though  to enter the French health care system , ie have a carte vital and mutuelle?  Many thanks

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Does anybody know of any english speaking support groups for people  and carers suffering with mental health issues  

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we wish to register with an English speaking doctor in the Ariege region, oust , massat, st. Girons etc does anyone know of one please ?  

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The same old topic I know, but does anybody know of a good hairdresser in Tarbes or Auch.   Just need need a good cut and be  pampered a little.

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Hi   I have lived here permanently for two years but have not yet registered for tax or healthcare.  So...tackling that now.  Tax   - I have an acccountant, lots of advice and that is sorted. Health - I have no empoyment income,  live off capital and do not qualify for an S1 as they stopped last month so, though I have not applied through CPAM yet as I understand it I will not qualify for state healthcare for the first 5 years and will need private health insurance.    I have heard that once you have private health insurance it is even harder to get into the state system, even when the 5 years is up and that you have to be very careful therfore about the type of cover you have.  An article i read suggests the you should have cover that pays for everything except visits to the doctor - does anyone have any more information/guidelines/experience  on this?  At the end of the 5 years, how do you prove you have bee here 5 years?  Tax returns?  If in the 5 years I set up a business here, thereby paying income tax and social charges can I switch easily from private to state health?  Thanks!    

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Has anyone clarified yet whether the new rules on form S1 will affect the automatic issue of a form S1 to the dependent spouses of those already receiving a state pension. It won't of course affect those already in receit of  form S1.  

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I'm looking for an English speaking doctor in the Fleurance / Condom / Auch area, preferably female. Any recommendations much appreciated.Thanks.

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HI. looking in to health insurance and i have read through this discussion forum, but can't seem to find an answer to my query which is as follows.  we are planning to move to France and reside there for most of the year. We will keep our uk home and small business going there.  Our FRench home will be a second home but i understand that if you reside in France for more than 183 days you are classed as resident there and hence not suitable for healthcare vis EHIC card and would need private health insurance.  Is this correct?  

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Need to get my eyes checked. Any recommendations for an ophthalmologist around Auch who can speak at least a bit English?Please PM/mail.Thank you!

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I live near St Bertrand de Comminges and my usual French hairdresser has shut down. I am looking for a recomemndation for someone to visit, or mobile hairdresser, who can competently do blonde highlights (two shades on shoulder length hair) so i dont look like a stripey teenager.   Happy to travel to St Gaudens or up and down the valley a bit. Just want to cover up the bag lady look! Thanks, Mrs Chipp

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French health care is wonderful, but getting a dental appointment seems to take forever.  A nearby dentist runs an emergency service on one day per week, first come, first served.  My wife, who needs to take extra care of her teeth because of a heart condition and the danger of infection, arrived at this dentist this morning at 7-00 am with bad tooth ache.  There were already 12 people in the stuffy, uncomfortable waiting room.  She stayed long enough to observe that the through-put rate was about 2 patients per hour. When she asked if the others would sit there all day without food or drink, they seemed to be amused that a foreigner should find this a surprise. C'est normal! Is it normal? Does anyone know of a dentist who will accept short RDVs for more urgent cases (as opposed to check-ups).  Is the problem a chronic shortage of dentists?

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Hi Can anyone recommend an English speaking physio in or near Condom please? Lazyboy  

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Does anyone know of a reflexologist in the Eauze, Casteljaloux, Gabarret area please?

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Hi everyone, it's AnnieB again. I keep thinking of things so I'm hoping someone can help me with this. My partner, who is 64 has hearing aids which as you know we get on the NHS in England, along with the batteries etc, can anyone tell me what the proceedure is in France, do you still get the hearing aids or do you have to pay, or is there an option to come back to England to get them sorted. Thanks AnnieB    

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Could anyone give me any feedback on using Sofica's for top up health insurance ? There monthly fee seems competitive and the paperwork is in English just wondering what there customer service is like ! thanks in advance

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Could anyone please advise me as to where to buy Gel nail varnish from locally.  I live near Mirande. Thanks, much appreciated

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Please can anyone tell me if there is an English or English speaking person who lives in the area of Gaillac (20 mins either side) who gives Therapeutic/Aromatherapic Massage. I have a long term back problem and was used to regular massage in the UK. I have to be extremely careful in explaining what I can and can't have done, so as my french is not greart as yet, need womeone who can speak very good english - any help?  

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking doctor in the Condom/ Vic Vezensac/ Auch areas.

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I just posted in the Financial section whether anyone suggest a really good tax expert in the Gers (Ideally near Aire sur L'Adour) that understands the advantages and disadvantages of remaining S/E in the UK and/or being registered as an Auto-Entrenpeur in France. We believe that the UK are deliberately not issuing new S1's as part of their cost cutting strategies; so far all attempts to even speak with them results in being cut off. It seems to me that the two things of taxation and healthcare go hand in hand and that how you set yourself up to begin with is crucial. Any referrals & ideas on a HealthCare expert near Aire sur L'Adour that also understands the tax issues too?   Thanks

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