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Hello,  Can anyone tell me what the cost of a cataract. operation is undr the French health system. Thanks,  any help appreciated. anncloud      

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Just wondering if Tarbes or Toulouse are the closest places to Mirande to buy Clinique stuff. I need some more moisturizer and was wondering if anyone has seen it anywhere else a bit closer (like in Auch?). Thanks in advance.

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Hi, we have recently moved to France.  We need to register with both doctors and dentists but due to complications with both health and teeth we need to be able to make issues very clear so would prefer English speaking practitioners if possible.  The dentist needs also to be capable of some 'heavy  duty' work as one of us has major dental complications which have led to very specialist treatment in the uk.  Can any forum members provide assistance who we should contact?

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This Saturday is the Pyrenees Parkrun in aid of the Dog Refuge at Lannemezan. Run or walk around the lake, cake at the finish. We are meeting at the barrage end of the lake at Castelnau Magnoac from 10-30. For the walkers 1 lap is 3.75 kilometres, the runners will be doing a measured 5k. Entry fee is €5, all going to the dog refuge. See you there !! Weather looking promising.

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hope some body can advise my wife has just retired and no longer covered by my health insurance and must regiseter with cpam any ideas how to go about this

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Hello, Can anyone recommend a chiropractor, our French is somewhat limited hence English speaking is preferable. We are close to Vic-Fezensac so pretty central for most places. Thank you Beantree  

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Can anyone tell me where the shop is for the English Hairdresser that has started near Castelnau Magnoac? The original topic has been taken down??? Fran

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Beautiful weather forecast for tomorrow for the 5th Pyrenees Parkrun. 5k timed run or 4.2k walk arount the lake. Runners, walkers and dogs welcome. Meet at 9-15am at the south car park of Castelnau Magnoac lake for a 9-30 start. No entry fee, no numbers, just turn up and do it.

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My wife and I are ineligible for a Form S1.  Our undertanding is that legally we must have full private medical insurance cover - is that right? The second question is can anyone recommend an insurance compant in terms of value for money and preferably having English speaking staff. All advice will be gratefully received.  

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Hi I am getting married near Auch and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good hairdresser who can do a traditional bridal up-do and someone to do makeup? Preferably someone who is willing to come to the location (which is a chateau just 10 minutes outside of Auch). Thanks so much.  

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The 4th Pyrenees Parkrun will be held on Saturday 22nd February meeting at 9-15 am for a start time of 9-30 at the Southern car park of the lake at Castelnau Magnoac. Weather is looking good, bright and sunny. All standards welcome, runners, walkers and dogs. Either a 5k handicap run or a 4k walk, followed by a coffee at Castelnau and a chance to buy british bangers !!

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Does anyone know of an english speaking gynocologist in the Eauze, Condom, M de M area. Thanks

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Due to the adverse weather and part of the course being submerged I am reluctantly cancelling tomorrows parkrun, please can you pass this on to anyone who intended to go. Hopefully we will hold the next on on Saturday 1st February, to be confirmed.

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The re-scheduled 3rd Pyrenees Parkrun will be held tomorrow at 9-15am, South car park of the lake at Castelnau Magnaoc. Runners, walkers and dogs all welcome.

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The 2nd Pyrenees Parkrun will be held on Saturday 11th January at Castelnau Magnoac lake, south car park, meeting at 9-15 am for a 9-30 start. 5k off road and undulating, hope to see you there.

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hi there , is there anywhere to get Laser Hair Removal in the Mauvezin or L'Isle Jourdain areas? thanks loui

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Hello everyone Has anyone had good experience (or indeed a bad one) of an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist in the triangle Auch/St Gaudens/Tarbes?

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Can anyone recommend a dentist in Condom please,I'm new to the area, dont need an English speaker just a good dentist. Thanks! Please PM me. andy.brownson@btinternet.com.

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I have developed an abcess under a tooth which is causing me severe pain - can't sleep or eat & talking is difficult. I tried to get to a dentisi yesterday, but can't get an appointment till monday.  The pain & swelling has got worse overnight & I need some antibiotics urgently - I can't go on like this till monday.  What should I do?  Try doctor?  Don't like to ring 15 as it's not a real emergency.  Can a Pharmacy give me antibiotics? I have had this problem (abcess) before in the UK so know the symtomms & know that a dentist can't treat it until the infection is cleared by antib's.   Any advice most gratefully sought, thank you.  

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Can anyone recommend someone or somewhere to get botox? I used to go to a salon in the uk, but maybe it is not that easy over here.  Any information woild be greatly appreciated. I live near L'isle en dodon.

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