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Katie has been to 'do' both of us over the last couple of months - she is delightful and charming and has real therapeutic flair.  She managed to find our painful spots and very gently sort out our many aches and pains Just posting this as a recommendation as others may be interested to experience this interesting technique Find Katie here thro searching for Bowen or pm me - Lianne

started by: LabibaCarolie · last update: 1371496557 · posted: 1345882674

Hi does anyone know a good doctor in Condom who can speak English? We have recently come to live here and would like to register. Thanks

started by: martin,nicki&josh-599435 · last update: 1370516805 · posted: 1370516805

Hi Does anyone know the best place to have one's haircut in Marciac please?

started by: scallywags · last update: 1368992131 · posted: 1368980316

Hi I am looking for a 'good' English Speaking or better still English run Hairdressers as I have not yet been able to find one that does not end up turning my hair a reddy-yellow and bad cut! Help please...anywhere in the 20mile radius of Puycelsi? Many thanks!!

started by: Nerak-618014 · last update: 1368799656 · posted: 1368723024

I recently had refractive surgery for lens replacement in the UK - I am really thrilled with the result. Thankyou Mike Trie (I'm sorry - I've lost your e-mail address) for the recommendation of the clinic and for the information - it was very helpful.

started by: Hettie-536730 · last update: 1368275392 · posted: 1368275392

Hi - I had a kidney transplant in the UK a few years ago and wondering if anyone has any experience of transferring post-transplant care to the French system, before I make any commitment to stay in France long-term?  Was it easy to transfer? Quality of care good, regular check-ups etc? Eligibility for transplant list in France if required in the future? Costs?!! Any information would be really helpful Thanks

started by: supersec-611519 · last update: 1366306317 · posted: 1361621170

Hi, we are looking for a herbalist so my husband can continue with some treatment he started in the UK. Yes, I know the EU has made so many things illegal (being in the pay of the rich pharmaceutical companies), but it's up to us to choose to take any risk.  We can travel up to 2h, so Toulouse, Bordeaux, Bayonne all feasible from where we are.  Please PM me if you are a herbalist, or know of one.  Thanks.

started by: sylvia806 · last update: 1365261273 · posted: 1365258400

I desperately need to find an english speaking doctor in the area. If you know of any in the areas I mentioned (Fonsorbes, Saint Lys, Plaisance du Touch, L'Isle Jourdain) please email me. I would really appreciate it.

started by: Curly-893056 · last update: 1364473293 · posted: 1364287907

Just found my best reading glasses in the garden, no glass in them, chewed by our dog!!! Has anyone orderd glasses on line, as I still have the prescription from the UK.   thank you.

started by: Alyson-614285 · last update: 1364401018 · posted: 1321456881

Can anybody recommend a fluent English-speaking doctor in Toulouse? Thanks in advance. Alyson

started by: Curly-893056 · last update: 1363729941 · posted: 1363709062

Looking back at discussions, this has come up time and time again, but some comments are a couple of years old.  Does anyone know of a good hairdresser please between Auch and Lannemezan or even Toulouse.  Cannot  keep going back to the UK for a decent cut.   Thank you   

started by: AnnieB-618495 · last update: 1363219637 · posted: 1362936290

We are moving to France later this year and I am trying to find out if we will need top up health insurance  I am retired and my partner is 64 and retired but not claiming his pension which he will claim on his 65th birthday in February 2014, do pensioners have to have a top up insurance or are they covered in full by the French system, we realise we have to get a S1 form from the UK to cover us when we move. Any help would be much appreciated Thank AnnieB 

started by: nutsaboutnewfs-598923 · last update: 1361710403 · posted: 1359925306

Hi all, I am looking for 20 volunteers for 3 treatments each of the Bowen technique ( google for info)  i need the commitment to have one session (lasting approx 1 hour) per week for 3 weeks.  Particularly suitable for back and shoulder problems along with a range of other issues.  I can travel to you but would be looking for a contribution to my petrol costs, other than that the sessions are free.  Please email me for further details. But do please google for information ( thebowentechnique.com is a great place to start). I have been qualified for 10 years and am looking to restart my business here.

started by: Bouyssounet-600809 · last update: 1361035806 · posted: 1333990159

does anyone know of an English speaking Hypnotherapist in the S.Dordogne / Lot or N.Lot et Garonne area ?

started by: Nerak-618014 · last update: 1360773553 · posted: 1360749610

Hi all, I am considering having laser eye surgery to get rid of my contacts and glasses. I am 64. Has anyone had this surgery in SW France? I would be interested to hear your experiences. Thanks, Nerak

started by: oncherche · last update: 1358776593 · posted: 1357284822

Please will anyone tell me of a good English speaking GP in the Boulogne-sur-Gesse or St Gaudens area - will travel up to 50 kms radius of either location.......Thank you.......

started by: icdurand · last update: 1358358408 · posted: 1358354830

Can anyone recommend a good gynaecologist as well as a good GP in central Toulouse? Doesn't have to be English-speaking but that would help. Many thanks!

started by: gifford-616542 · last update: 1358274189 · posted: 1356962773

Does anyone know of a Weight Watchers or similar slimming class which takes places in Condom or surrounding area?  Not 'on line'! ThanksQ

started by: Dreamer72-608845 · last update: 1357130746 · posted: 1357037232

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm looking for a good dentist in the Auch / Boulogne sur Gesse /Lombez area.  I would particularly like to hear from you if you've had root canal and/or internal bleaching done and were happy with the results. I'm willing to travel for a good dentist - so if you know one further afield also let me know :-) many thanks, Christine

started by: Lucey-617974 · last update: 1355411309 · posted: 1355351242

Is there anyone out there with ME or do you know of anyone who has it? France is not the best place for sufferers, as it is a largely unrecognised illness. Would be interested in getting in touch.  I am in the Ariege. Thank you.

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