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I admit that I am American and used to going into large "drug stores" where I can read all the labels on vitamin bottles so it is a bit disconcerting not to be able to do so in the Pharmacies. I have looked online but still find it difficult to get the correct information as to quantity and mg of various vitamins. I am specifically looking for melatonin, zinc and magnesium (without calcium). Does anyone know a good website or somewhere other than a pharmacy where I might buy theses at a reasonable price?

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We have a very active Zumba class here in Chelle Debat 65 (midway between Tarbes and Trie sur Baise)  On the 16/12 there will be 2 masterclasses of 2 hours each, one from 10-12  the other from 2:30-4:30.  €12 for one session, €20 for the 2.  It's great fun and wonderful exercise.  Jhon and Eddie are both qualified sports teachers as well so its not just someone doing it who has no experience (it is compulsory for associations to employ qualified sports teachers). Have a look on Youtube.  Zumba at Chelle .  great fun  Open to everyone.  PM me for more info

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Does anyone know of any day time  Tai chi classes near to Boulogne sur gesse, Montrejeau or Castelnau Magnoac?  

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Hi Can anyone recommend an english speaking gynaecologist in dept 31/32 but I am willing to travel further than these dept's. I need a gynaecologist that I could see with in the next week or two. Please PM if you know of one as I understand putting doctors names on forums etc is not allowed. Thank you in advance Jenny          

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In need of a good kine near Trie or Mirande to work on a neck injury. Would consider Lannemezan as well. Have used a kine in Trie that I don't think is very good, so hoping that someone can suggest someone they've used that knew what they were doing. Please email me with any suggestions. Thanks.

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Hi,  My teenage daughter needs orthodontic treatment and I am wondering if anyone out there can advise me on orthodontists in Auch. We have a very expensive quote from one already, who is proposing invisalign invisible 'gutters' rather than braces. I think this is not ideal as they have to be changed every three weeks, and need to be taken out for eating and brushing teeth....my daughter is an intern and may 'forget' to put the gutters back in.  Other than the price, the problem is that this denstist does not work Saturdays and apparently has no spaces on Wednesday afternoons. As my daughter is an intern, this poses a problem. The dentist has already said that consultations will be long and in school hours........Can anyone suggest an orthodontist that might me more accomodating and that works on Saturdays? Thanks!

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I need to find a back and spine specialist somewhere in the Midi Pyrenees,  does anyone have knowledge of one and can recommend who to see ?   any help gratefully appreciated thanks squoppy

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I have the above for sale as I no longer use it.  The model is Body Sculpture BE-5920 Aero Elliptical Strider.  Instruction manual.  VGC.  Thr model can be viewed on the internet. I live in the Condom area. 50 euros

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Spiritual Healing Available - Comfort, Guidance, Peace of Mind - I don't charge fees - Spiritualist Healing Ministry email - ariegeman@gmail.com for appt

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I would like to find a good cosmetic surgeion in southwest France, who speaks English, if possible. Any recommendations?

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Does anyone know of an english speaking relationship/sex therapist. We are looking for a specialist therapist concerned with sexual & physical issues in a relationships.   Many thanks

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Does anyone know if it costs less to see an Inermier (nurse) and if they can prescribe antibiotics, etc.?

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Hi i am in Dept 65 and looking to get some contact lenses. I also need an English speaking optician for an eye test.Can anyone help!

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I am looking for an English speaking opticians for an eye test. 

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Hi,Does anyone know if the classes which took place in Condom last year on Mondays and Thursdays are starting again tonight?Details would be appreciated!Gifford

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I've been experiencing mild flu like symptoms, aching joints, tiredness, lethargy, etc. It occurred to me this might be as a result of insect bites, such as from horseflies or tauns???Anyone had similar symptoms, or can proffer an explanation??

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Hi, a guest has been bitten all over by mozzies. Has anyone a good cheap remedy please?

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SHU-SHUM-NA is having an OPEN DAY SATURDAY 1st SEPTEMBER in the Studio, Traverse de Foirail, AURIGNAC All are welcome for this FREE Open Day. There will be demonstrations of Yoga, Qi Gong and you can experience a Shiatsu or Indian Head Massage and there will also be an opportunity to take part in meditation/ relaxation using Tibetan Bowls. Learn about the art of Chinese Medicine.Frances Hassett welcomes you to a full programme throughout the day commencing at 10.00 amFor further info please Tel 06 21 93 15 55 or email yoga31420@yahoo.fr

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Could anyone help with the confirmation / interpretation of a French optical prescription, please? Does:(0° + 0,75) + 2,00, Addition +2,50equate to :SPH:+0.75, CYL:+2.00, AXIS:0.NEAR ADD:+2.50This appears to be reasonable but I would be glad of a second opinion before ordering some specs online!Thanks,Mike

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I'm in dire need of a good Redken salon. I've looked online at the Redken site and found some salons in Toulouse/Tarbes/Pau but I'd really like to have a recommendation if possible. I don't care where the salon is or really even if they speak English, I just need a good stylist as my hair is a wreck at the moment and I can't bear to look in the mirror any more. What I want is an experienced stylist who knows how to cut a youngish person's hair but that isn't going to give me a stupid cookie-cutter razor cut and make me look like an androgynous nightmare. Help! Thank you.

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