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Hello all,I have joined this forum as another way to look for work, my French isn't so great at the moment so it seemed a good idea to try these english speaking forums!!I am a professional plumbing and heating engineer (and am registered as such here in France) although I take on pretty much any kind of work and since being here have built various cabins, terraces and done general building. I also own a small mini digger and can take on works which include putting pipes or cables in trenches etc.I am based near Montesquieu Volvestre.I am not too sure how this forum works but feel free to message/email me.Thanks,Liam

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We have a house in Saux and are looking to renovate both bathrooms.  Ideally an English speaking person.  Any recommendations please?

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Anybody know where I can get some small oblong shaped straw bales? Near Masseube

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we are looking for a "light occasional gardener " and somebody to "keep an eye on our home" is there anybody out there ??

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Hello I'm an Ae I work with an online company.. I've been working for a year and my turnover has been over 2900 euros brut. My husband is unemployed with 900 euros and we get 314 euros caf. We are finding it difficult to rent as landlords round this region don't seem comfortable with my AE status and we aren't getting anywhere. Does anyone know of any landlord who would be fine with this. Any AEs who've been successful with renting?

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Can anyone recommend - or even just give me a name - of someone with a mobile sawmill who operates in the Pamiers area of Ariege? Please?Alan

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Hi, does anybody know of a reliable English speaking guy (or gal) who could help us with our non functioning gas  de Dietrich boiler. Have just returned from UK to a VERY cold house. We are in 32 near Masseube. Thanks.

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We are looking for carpenter/joiner to replace three exterior doors. One is a double set, one is a stable half door, and the third is a single rear door. They are probably not of a standard size due to the age of the house.We are situated about six kilometres from l'Isle-en-Dodon in the Haute Garonne (31). Please contact us on 05 61 94 90 58 or peter.john.king5431@gmail.com to give us a devis and claim your free cup of tea and biscuit!

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Does anybody know where I can access horse manure for free? My hitherto supplier has left the country...We're between Auch and Lannemezan in the Masseube region Thanks

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Whats the "going hourly rate" for a gardener. Labour only : we supply machinery etc? Thanks.

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Does anyone know about something that was mentioned to me - diagnostic le tout-a-l'egout? we are in the process of selling our house and this has been mentioned but we are not sure if we have to have one done and if so - who does them!thanks

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Hi, We think we have fallen foul of the "over 150 sq m" rule and had our planning request turned down on the grounds that we need an architect. Whilst my OH is an architect (UK retired) he obviously can do the necessary drawings and design, but can't formally be the architect on the application. Does anyone know an architect who would be likely to work flexibly with us to help keep costs down?  We are near Boulogne-sure-Gesse. 

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Am refurbishing windows with double glass units, keeping the old custom made frames.  All units single glass panes.  All units on ground floor level.   Seeking a carpenter who can undertake this work in October.   I can offer FREE accommodation on site for a single person or a couple.  PLEASE contact me by sms   063 591 8804     Sassy

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Hi. Can anyone recommend a knowledgeable pool electrician, not too far from 65220 (Trie sur Baise or maybe Auch, Lourdes, Tarbes)? Need someone to diagnose a problem with the electrics of our pool cover and also our automatic chlorination system.Thanks, Nigel.

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Would the lady who contacted me about the free white metal bed near Thiviers please call me again as I have lost your email address?Thankstel 0553 621753

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Last year we managed to find a farm who were on a scheduled rota to help fruit pickers make their own apple juice. They used a massive crushing device - somewhere near Lectoure and Plaisance - then pressed out the juice. We could go there again this year but it's quite far out of our way. Does anybody have a list of this year's farms in the Gers that are planned to do this?

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Hi all,Just had some very tall conifers taken down by Mark Stocker.Excellent work ethic, neat, tidy work, very professional. Provided me with his Public Liability insurance with no quibble.You can contact him via AI Directory>Home and Garden>Garden services.Any questions re his work happy to comment further.

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My wife and I are looking to buy a 1 or 2 bed property in Brittany.I am English & my wife is German.We plan to rent the house out before we move from Midi Pyrenees area, where we are now.We will buy a boat and any info on good sailing clubs would be handy.What is life in Brittany like and where is best to buy?We have a friend who lives in Finistere who said it is nice.We have never been to Brittany and will require work there if possible, although I have a couple of work ideas.Please e mail how life is and any general help topics that may help us.Most of the properties we have found are on Leboncoin as we can avoid the agencies.

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Hello I want to build a house in Les Angles, nothing too fancy just a tidy holiday home but cannot find anyone with creative building alternative ideas.  I already own the land and  have what I consider to be a reasonable budget to build 210 sqm house 150,000 euro but the building companies I have spoken too all turn their nose up at anything other than typical cement structure.  I have seen some great stuff online in particular out of the UK and Sweden but nothing in the sth of France.  Any help or advice would be appreciated.  

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Hello, we are looking for help finding a builder and plumber and electrician in Ariege.  We do not speak much French yet and would like to haer of any recommendations --- or warnings! (we have already been warned of some builders who take advantage of people like ourselves, it is quite worrying!!). Any information greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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