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Anyone got any recommendations for a general builder/flooring artisan who can lay a new kitchen floor?

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Hi,I am selling a house in Midi-Pyrenees area (65700) and I need to clear out the house in the next couple of weeks. Can anyone recommend a brocante who would come to the house and make a fair offer for everything? It would need to be somebody who can speak English as my friend who looks after things for me doesn't speak much French.Siobhan

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Late Spring clean ( or is it early?) I wish to sell above (lots of them) Some 7” singles original 60’s lots of rock and pop some you still can’t get out of your head also 70’ 80’ and 90’s anybody interested or know where I might be able to sell them?

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Can anybody tell me which UK mobile cos partner orange on France for roaming? Looking at 4g Internet but I can only get orange fr 4g where I live. 

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Books books books ; buy one get one free. Children's , reference , novels , history , geography ,guide books etc etc etc. All at  €1 and still bobof. Near Pinas 0606488417

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Hello all. I wonder if anyone has info on the best place to get any kind of dressmaking or furnishing/upholstery fabric. I am based in the Gers. Many thanks.

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About a thousand books in English covering reference , history , children's books , novels , guide books , coffee table books etc. etc. All going cheap .4kms from Pinas . Just call to make a visit 0606488417. Almost anytime. 

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Hi, we will soon need to replace the "mixte" gas and electric freestanding cooker which we bought with the house. Do we need a specialist gas fitter to uninstall the old one and to install the shiny new one? Also does anyone have recommendations of where to buy? Tia

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Can anyone recommend a general builder/floor layer who can replace my kitchen floor?   Need an artisan within range of Eauze, Gers.thanksJill

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we are planning to build a shed approx 10 m x 8 m -beside our home just outside villeneuve sur lot -  we are new here so trying to get our heads around the paperwork and the sourcing of materials. We are hoping to do most of it ourselves. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

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S.V. 66Multi servicesImmatriculé / entièrement assuréRegistered / fully insured Français et Anglais French and English gestion de la propriétéProperty management Ménage général Cleaning service de conservation des clés Key holding service Meet and greet Entretien du jardin Garden maintenance Nettoyage piscine Pool cleaning particulier / commercial Private / commercial Service Honnête, fiable et amicale. Honest, reliable, friendly service. Appeler Stéphane au Stephane for inquiries.

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Hello,I have recently moved to France and have an Australian gas BBQ which is Propane (I have purchased the French propane hose/connector).My issue isnt so much the gas bottle end of the connection but the opposite end which connects into my BBQ. The hose female screw on connector is I believe 1inch and the australian is 3/4 inch. Is there a way to move from 1"(French hose) to 3/4"(Australian connector).Has anyone faced this issue? Or where could I purchase such gas converters/fittings?Thanks againN

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Hi, I used to buy parts for my filter/pump etc from aquaticmania who seem to have gone out of business.  Does anyone know of a shop in 65 or 31 that sells parts, specifically this time, I need an air pressure assembly for my pentair filter. (Cash-piscines don[t seem to stock it).  If no shops, any online sellers in France as I can only find them on Amazon USA or UK.  Thanks

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Hi. Anyone know where I can find some house coal in the Toulouse area?Willing to share the cost of a load if necessary.

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Hi, I've recently bought a house in Perpignan. There is a tank in the house with a left over of heating oil from the previous owner. I was wondering if there is any local company which would buy this oil back?Thanks

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We have a geothermal heating system and wonder if anyone can help / recommend a company to service / repair this type of system?

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Hello all,I have joined this forum as another way to look for work, my French isn't so great at the moment so it seemed a good idea to try these english speaking forums!!I am a professional plumbing and heating engineer (and am registered as such here in France) although I take on pretty much any kind of work and since being here have built various cabins, terraces and done general building. I also own a small mini digger and can take on works which include putting pipes or cables in trenches etc.I am based near Montesquieu Volvestre.I am not too sure how this forum works but feel free to message/email me.Thanks,Liam

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We have a house in Saux and are looking to renovate both bathrooms.  Ideally an English speaking person.  Any recommendations please?

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Anybody know where I can get some small oblong shaped straw bales? Near Masseube

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we are looking for a "light occasional gardener " and somebody to "keep an eye on our home" is there anybody out there ??

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