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Can anybody tell me which UK mobile cos partner orange on France for roaming? Looking at 4g Internet but I can only get orange fr 4g where I live. 

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I have got an aswer : EE !!!!!!

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Be aware that most UK operators have a "fair usage" policy (even "unlimited" roaming contracts) in the small print, which basically means that your UK data usage has to exceed your roaming usage over some averaging period. So you eventually end up paying for data and texts.

So this might not work if you're mainly in France, or here for long periods (thank you Covid).

Several companies toughened up their rules following the final Brexit this year.

I know you say you can't get it, but I have a SFR SIM only contract 100GB/mo at 22 Euro. I guess Orange would have a similar deal.

Formerly, my Vodafone contract (partnered by SFR in France) effectively allowed me to roam permanently, but no longer.

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