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Hi, We think we have fallen foul of the "over 150 sq m" rule and had our planning request turned down on the grounds that we need an architect. Whilst my OH is an architect (UK retired) he obviously can do the necessary drawings and design, but can't formally be the architect on the application. Does anyone know an architect who would be likely to work flexibly with us to help keep costs down?  We are near Boulogne-sure-Gesse. 

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Either reduce the transformable area or you will need an Architecte Agrée . An ordinary architect will not do. AAs normally charge as % of works cost! Contact me for possible help contacts.

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What exactly is the "over 150m2 rule"?

There seems to be differing opinions whoever you speak to as to what is subject to planning, and to what extent.

I also heard recently that from 1 December 2017, all planning decisions are being vested with the local communes from more central decision making. Does anyone else have this information?

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