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Can anyone recommend - or even just give me a name - of someone with a mobile sawmill who operates in the Pamiers area of Ariege? Please?Alan

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Alan Longland-599034 1517593948



Not one suggestion(clean!)?

Iver lostit 1517597885

Hi Alan

I think Anglo Info is a spent force.


Alan Longland-599034 1517646262

You may be right.

French Entree is closing down their forum, too. Very disappointing as they were both fonts of knowledge.

chèvrefeuille 1517671930

Perhaps it’s just that nobody can help with this niche request. 

Iver lostit 1517680171

Sorry Alan I didn't intend it hijack your post.

Chevrefeuille all you need to do is have a look at how few people post a question now, and practically nobody replies to the posts irrespective of the subject. The figures speak for themselves.

Alan I'm sure there was a question about this subject sometime ago, have you tried a search on here.




Alan Longland-599034 1517693447

chevrefeuille, you too could be right. But I do remember, before the face lift, that many more responses would generally be expected than those we see today. So maybe our eyes, and those of Ivor lostit do not deceive.

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply, however.

NeilR-606378 1517831659

There used to be a guy who used this site who was a mobile saw mill.  Can't, for the life of me, remember what name he used.  Trying a search on here is worse than useless.  I do hope you're wrong about F.E. as it's the site I've been using more and more.

chèvrefeuille 1517835568

No it’s you who’s wrong Neil, the FE forum is closing in March. 

C 1517908099

It appears Facebook is winning the day with Gers/Haute Pyrenees & Toulouse English speaking forums. The problem with them is they do not give any factual information just hearsay and the notification of event and items for sale. Anglo, prior to the re-vamp, was a far better tool than the facebook forums and it is a pity it has been abandoned by so many. 

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