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I've a friend who is moving from northern France to the south west at the end of June for her work so she is looking to rent a 2-3 bed house or gite on a long term basis. She wants to be based around the Trie sur Baise, Rabastens or Mielan areas if possible (or sensible commuting distance) in a property with a garden and furnished/unfurnished. Please drop me a line if you know of anything that might be of interest to her.Thanks Simon.

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We are going to replace the roof on our farmhouse, built, we think about 1750, we intend to include insulation in the replacement roof. Are there any grants / assistence that we can apply for?

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I need a phoneline and internet connection. Ive researched various providers and am still confused. Am I right in saying that Orange has the monopoly on the start up connection and from there there is a good choice of internet providers to choose from? Is this easy to do or does it confuse the issue?Is it better to stick with Orange for the whole installation i.e. phone, line, WIFI. Is it true that I need 40 days from requesting an engineer to someone coming to do the work or can it be done quicker?Can I arrange an appointment from UK and request a date in April when I will be at the property for a couple of months or do I need to go into an Orange office in person with proof of address and proof of payinf tax fonciere etc? All advice welcome I would like to get an installation started at the end of April and completed ASAP  Many Thanks

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Can any readers recommend a chimney sweep (ramonage) in the Boulogne sur Gesse area? Or who services that area?

started by: Diane-Neale-894322 · last update: 1492722244 · posted: 1488232202

I am looking for someone to dig a trench for us. We are near Boulogne-sur-Gesse (31350)The trench needs to be about 20 - 25 metres long, and about 60cm deep. The first 10 metres is likely to be hard going  through a level, compacted clay & gravel hardstanding. The second half down a steepish bank although the 'going' is softer. Anyone know of anyone who might be interested? Or who can advise?

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Is anyone expert in vine cultivation and knows about bringing back to life old neglected vines? I have an old vineyard (of about 300 vines) attached to my property near Boulogne sur Gesse. It is about 100 years old. It's one of the few privately-allowed vineyards in the region but has been neglected for decades. While the vines are still alive, my neighbouring farmer didn't do them any favours last year by "nettoyer" the lot -- thanks to a misunderstanding -- cutting the vines down to 2 -inch stumps. Many still have their shoots though, which are full of Spring sap - which tells me the plants survived the winter. The question now is: how to ensure they are nursed back properly. Any advice? Many thanks indeed. Jeremy 

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Looking for someone who keeps horses and has a pile of horse manure they'd like to get rid of as we need some for our garden Needs to be well rotted and from animals that have not been treated with any drugs.I have a trailer and am obviously willing to come an collect from you. I am based near Salies-du-Salat on the Ariege/Haut Garonne border and happy to travel and hour or so. My number is +447767721673

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i am moving onto the area and would like to offer housesitting or teaching English to young children what is the best way to promote these skills ?

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Hello there does anyone have advice on using satellite broadband for internet here in Midi Pyrenees please?  I have come across a few suppliers, both French and British, but they all seem to have terrible reviews regarding customer service as well as actual service delivery.  I would really like to hear other peoples' experiences - especially good ones!On a related subject, does anyone know if Ken Chappel is still around?  He has helped us in the past but does not seem to be contactable just now.Many thanks. 

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After several years we have decided to retire to France. Rather than buying a house we should very much like to rent. Certainly at first. To ensure that we are in a suitable region from the point of view of accessibility, climate, local culture and so on. My wife retires in July and if anyone has or knows of people who have a property which they are keen to rent to us (one that they would rather not sell just yet for example) with a garden we would be very interested in talking to you about it. Let me clarify that we are not looking for an extended "holiday let" but a home which we could live in and take care of for the long term. I'm not sure how this site works since they've improved it but my email is rich@richardcordery.comDo please get in touch, even if it is to tell me I'm on the wrong part of this site.Many thanksRich & Jude

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We badly need a top up of dry wood ready to burn but our local supplier has run out. We would need it delivered in 32240 area

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We are seeking a 3 bedroom house preferably detached with dry secure storage (garage/outbuilding) for long term rental for a mature non-smoking couple with two small dogs. All areas considered.

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We are a yoing english couple with a house in sarrancolin. We are lookong to employ joiners to put up partition walls, roofers and electricians for rewiring. My partner is a plumber. Looking to interview on site 7-9th december and start work immediately. 

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Hi, I am looking for a curtain fitter who is local to / willing to travel to the Courchevel area. Please let me know the details of anyone who you think would be suitableMany thanks

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Sorry people, have tried the search facility but with no success.We used to see a couple of names that regularly cropped up when discussing the movement of mini diggers and their like from the UK. Reliable and reasonable service.Graham somebody?? was one, I think.Can anyone help me with the names and perhaps contact details?Thanks

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Hi, can anyone recommend a good english speaking chimney sweep in Midi Pyrenees South area?

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We have recently moved into a house with a 'Vitotronic 150' powered hot water system, the control panel is like this (Control Panel Image).The hot water works fine for showers, sinks, etc... However, I cannot get the radiators to warm up at all. I have tried the usual things such as turning up the thermostat to max to try and get the pump to kick in and checked for air in the system by bleeding the radiators.I have minimal knowledge of central heating systems so I have run out of ideas now. Does anyone have experience with this type of setup and if so are there any other major elements I need to check, i.e. could the heating pump be blocked/switched off somewhere else?ThanksChris

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I'm looking for a Sky digibox if anyone has a spare one lying around? Doesn't need to be in A1 condition as it's only going into my Games Room...as long as it's working with a remote then I'd be interested. I'm midway between Tarbes & Auch so a reasonable travelling distance from there if possible.I can be contacted on or email SIMONWALKER5@HOTMAIL.COM.Thanks...Simon.

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Hello We are searching  for a rental property . Prefer detached ,  unfurnished or part furnished, with minimum two bedrooms and at least a small garden with lawned area . There are just the two of us , retired , and have two small dogs . Quet and private rural location , not in centre of a village , but outskirts considered . Must have double glazing , good heating and insulation .Maximum rent in the region of 500 euros a month . Can provide very good references and can move in at the beggining of this coming November 2016 Hoping someone can help please 

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Wondered if anyone knew anyone who is looking for some housekeeping and cleaning work???

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