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Can anyone recommend/suggest a firm qualified to remove a small (8-10) number of corrugated asbestos roofing panels from a barn? Complete removal/disposal required.Work to be carried out on uncluttered site near Saverdun 09700

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I have a paddock that is very overgrown with grass and weeds to a height of about 1/2metre and my ride on can't cope with it. Does any body know where I can hire a Motor Faucheuse around the Nogaro area of the Gers? I know there is a hire place at Mont de Marsan but they don't have any.All help gratefully accepted.Thanks

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Does anyone know someone who repairs/looks at washing machines? We are about 20 mins from mazamet.

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Hello all For those of you living in the Gers 32, water restrictions have come into effect: Arblade le Bas, Barcelonne du Gers, Bernède, Cahuzac sur Adour, Caumont, Corneillan, Galiax, Gee Rivière, Goux, Izotges, Ju-Belloc, Labarthète, Ladevèze Ville, Lelin Lapujolle, Maulichères, Plaisance, Préchac sur Adour, Riscle, Saint Germé, Saint Mont, Sarragachies; Tarsac, Tasque, Termes d’Armagnac, Tieste Uragnoux. Cannot find a definitive date for the end of the restrictions - have seen 31 August and 31 October - will update as soon as possible.  This is not a restriction on drinking water but on water for agricultural/garden purposes.   Here's the link to the report in La Depeche  (in French): http://www.ladepeche.fr/article/2016/08/12/2399615-cours-d-eau-des-restrictions.htmlGiles

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Hi, I need to match a paint colour so I need to find somewhere to scan the colour and then mix it for me. Does anybody know where they do this?

started by: Mrs Chipp-610087 · last update: 1470329584 · posted: 1459428995

Can anyone recommend a builder who covers the St Bertrand de Comminges area, please? I have a broken upstairs window lintel which needs replacing / repairing and the associated cracks in the house render repaired too. French or English-speaking.Thanks.

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Trampoline available, free if you wish to collect from 31230. Well loved and slight tear. However, possible to recover or recycle for other use ie chicken coup. PM if interested.

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Does any one know of possible cost to have. A few units installed in rooms and a splitter outside?Also does anyone know of someone who does this is area 47 I am in lot et Garonne 

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Where can I find someone to repair a Hitachi belt sander?

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Hi, Could anyone tell me where I could hire a Turf Cutter around the 65 Region?  We live near Tarbes.  Apparently the French for Turf cutter in Deplaqueuse de Gazon.  Any help would be massively appreciated. My mail address in Twedz0810@gmail.com

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I have just built an outside table , the top is Douglas Pine and I would like to finish it off with shellac... does anyone know where you can find shellac or indeed is there an equivalent here?

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Hi - I'm looking for a boiler programming manual to help me decipher an Ideal Standard oil fired boiler with an EcoControl EC2.11a programmer.  Likely installed around 2003, would anybody have a similar boiler, preferably with any original paperwork?  I've trawled the interweb with no luck, specifically on the hot water operation  :o(Any help gratefully received, no issue if paperwork is in French!

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Hello,We are desperately looking for someone to provide a weekly pool maintenance service for our property in St Laurent (31230).We've checked the "Services" section and "Directory" on this site and not had any luck. Unfortunately we do not live full time in the house and so cannot get to the local notice boards to look there.Any help or leads will be much appreciated! Thanks

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I need to provide some shade and wind protection for my chickens in their enclosure. The enclosure is on a mild slope (so well drained) and is at the moment a grassy field. Can anyone suggest some inexpensive bushes or shrubs I can plant in there that will give them shade in the summer and not be too high maintenance? If it provides snacks for the birdies that would be a bonus, but I suspect that might be asking for too much. Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone give me some suggestions of trees to plant in wet soil (flood plains) in Le Gers?  I want to find fast growing trees that will like the climate and the soil conditions.

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URGENTLY Need someone in the vicinity of NOGARO for some grass cutting and small maintenance help.   Have equipment and tools.

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Hi Does anyone know someone who can instal a dish for internet satellite broadband(tooway), I have have tried self instillation and failed! I have access to large ladder.  Ideally need to get it done 14-20 May 2016.Thanks in advance

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Can anyone recommend someone to carry out swimming pool mainanence.  We have had a pool installed but have very limited info on its day to day running.  We are in the Aurignac area.

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