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I know that departments 32 and 65 are under a mandatory quarantine order to keep all poultry enclosed and under cover until mid-May (for us in 65 it's apparently 18 April through 16 May). All of my neighbours who are commercial producers scheduled things so they'd be sending their latest batch of birds off to the big farm in the sky just before the quarantine kicked in. One neighbour is quarantining his birds and one is not. I am, but they are not happy at all about it.I'm just wondering what others have observed as far as people following the order? 

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I have a lot of big trees down for various reasons, too good to cut up for burning, and I am sure I remember a post last year of someone who found a mobile scierie to cut the wood on site to use for building work. Google gives several dozen but no-one local and in business now. Scierie en site?

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Does anyone know of someone who is good with metal work please? I have a very small job in altering the back grill for my car or preferable making me a new one. Not too far from Trie sur Baise please.

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Hi can any one tell me if you can if you can combined, any other plants with strawberry plants in the same hanging baskets cheers

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Clearing out my shed. If anyone is building a pond, I am giving away a Hozelock pump and filter, suitable for up to 9000l. They were bought for a pond I never dug about ten years ago, never used. I am also selling a Thule roof rack for a Mini .30 euros.

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We are looking for a large (3 metres or longer) secondhand hardwood garden table.  Condition not too important as we're happy to renovate, but needs to be structurally OK (not rotten).  Can collect anywhere within 100km or so of Trie-sur-Baise (65220).

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Did I miss the floralies or has it been cancelled? I hope it hasn't been cancelled! Thanks.

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Hi, I am looking for an architect to do a mock up of a facade restoration for a small house in Villefranche de Rouergue.  Thanks!

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Does anyone have or know anyone who is experienced and has professional expertise in drainage please. I am not sure where to look for advise - an engineer / surveyor etc..... We need to sort out a water/humidity problem around our house.Many thanks for any help.

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Looking for someone with knowledge of Solar Panel system for hot water.Manufacturer 'Roth'.Needing the system checked out and to get it up and running. We have the full installation/instruction manual in French.

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We have just moved to a house with an electric  immersion heater for the hot water.       Never had one before (always had gas combi in UK). What is the most efficent way to use it?    Leave on constantly or just an hour or two a day?    There is no on/off switch so would need to unplug at fuse box.   Just two of us in house.

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Hi can anybody recommed a company to construct /install a swimming pool Nr Mielan 32? I was looking for a 10m x 5m pool.  

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I am looking for a guy called Giles (think that was his name) who purchased hay from me in 2014 and who lent me a natural swimming pool book. Would love to return the book and also pick his brains about cutting ash trunks into beams and planks. I believe he had a mobile saw mill. Thanks

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Has anybody had their houses poured with liquid concrete. Looking to have 96m2 with a thickness of 50mm screeded, then 80mm of insulation with another final liquid screed of 50mm on top. Looking for reccommendations of companies and any advice. Project in the Boulogne Sur Gesse area 31350.

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In the rare event one comes across a roof timber, half of which has become rather powdery (perhaps nibbled by insects of some sort), is it worth painting it over with Xylophene or is it too late? A more interesting question is what order of magnitude of years is it for 20-30cm timbers to be 'powdered' into failure? E.g. 25% in 20 years, 50% in 40 years, 75% in 60 years?  

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Hello all, We will soon be preparing to submit our Declaration Prealable in Tournefeuille (Toulouse area) for minor house renovations. We are not using an architect because our work does not require it, but are considering seeking a service to assist in properly preparing and submitting our application. Has anyone used a service like this in the past, and if so would you recommend it? Thanks very much. 

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Someone asked me recently if I know the Brits who used to be at the Castelnau Magnoac market who do iron work. They make iron gates and decorative ironwork for homes. Does anyone know who this might be? The person who asked is looking for someone to make something for their house. Thanks.

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recommendations please for someone competent, experienced and insured to install swimming pool near Vic Fezensac. Many thanks in advance for help! 

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 Hi, Excuse a rather confused posting! I have an Orange wifi extender connected to my Orange Livebox. The extender is connected to the Livebox via a LAN cable and is plugged into the adjacent mains power circuit with the other "half" of the extender plugged into the same mains circuit on another floor and then via LAN to a TP router (served by a VPN so that I can use Sky on demand services) and then by LAN cable cable to the TV. All OK with Sky works fine. However, I also need to get a signal BACK down from the upstairs router to my downstairs immoveable PC (wif connections do not seem to work). My question is that if I buy another pair of wi-fi extenders (Orange ones or TP ones) and plug them in - IN REVERSE ORDER as it were will that work? Would be using the same power circuitry so signals would be going in 2 different directions at the same time! Any thoughts would be very welcome. PS. A solution would be to run a LAN cable from the TP router back down to the downstairs PC but that would be difficult and unsightly so looking for a solution - if it would work!! as above. Regards   

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We have decided to install a garden pond this spring and would like to know if there is a garden centre or dedicated oulet in the SW who specialises in ponds to give us inspiration and advice? We are novices in this area and welcome any assistance   fenderjb

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