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I had a hail storm June 11, 2015 which damaged a number of tiles on my main house and another small building.  INSURANCE refuses to accept the damage, even with attestations from my Mairie, locateur and copies of La Dpeche, france Meteo,  etc. and numerous photos.   They have asked me to get an EXPERT to do the evaluations (WHY do we have insurance in the first place?).   Need help.   Have had my swimming pool cover on my main house since July 2015!    NEED an expert ASAP.   

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Hi, Is any one out there good with setting up a VPN dd-wrt router so I can access on demand from my sky+ box by wifi or cable. I've cascaded the routers correctly (I think) and the secondary router is transmitting a new wireless network fine but will not connnect to the internet nor can I access the secondary router (dd-wrt) on I've spent ages researching on the internet but don't want to start changing too many settings on the dd-wrt router as I' don't feel capable enough with networks. I live in between Lannemezan and Bagneres de Bigorre and more than willing to pay knowledgable dude for a swift solution. Please help as it's driving me nuts! I can be contacted on 0963428103 or 0623834999.

started by: GERSBEAR-602144 · last update: 1451901224 · posted: 1448609973

Or fine sand... I cant find it. I need to go and get it as delivery is tooooo expensive. Merci   Gb

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Looking to buy an artificial Christmas tree in preperation for next year, where would be the best place to buy a luxury tree from. Hopefully in the sale.

started by: ASharpe · last update: 1451757837 · posted: 1451405735

Hello All, We will soon be renovating a property in the Toulouse area and are looking for a reliable builder, electrician, gas plumber, and swimming pool installer. Any recommendations you have positive personal experience with will be very gratefully received! Thank you.

started by: claud-81452 · last update: 1451405640 · posted: 1451325174

Hello .. i am hoping to buy land with ruin or land with permission to build in the midi pyrenees or languedoc regions ... i am some what confused as to whether it's best to buy privately or through an immobiliere ... any information / opinions would be welcome ... thanks for any replies ...

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Hi, does anyone know if you can erect a wooden garden shed without planning permission? Is there a size limit or anything? Thanks for any help, W

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You can grab a bargain for your home as the troc in Castelnau Magnoac is closing down and the last day will be Christmas eve.

started by: toeknee · last update: 1450368432 · posted: 1447521647

Has anyone managed to find a successful solution for using 15mm UK TRV's here in France with 14mm copper? Thanks

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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has bought new cast iron radiators from the UK, looking to do the same but there are so many companies on the internet it's hard to know where to start. Any information on this appreciated. Many thanks.

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The brocante in Castelnau Magnoac is closing down so lots of bargains to be had before Christmas. Last day 24th December.

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I am searching for a modern 2/3 bed bungalow on a small plot <3000 M Sq near (<5Km ) local services S Gers, Haute Pyrennees, Haute Garonne. It must require no work - I am not looking for a "project". If you know of anything suitable I would love to hear from you.

started by: Paillou-616798 · last update: 1448665757 · posted: 1447190385

Hi We live in the Gers (32400) and we are looking for a reliable house / pet sitter for when we visit family in the UK. Initially we are looking for a week in March but if this could turn into a regular arrangement then even better. Our home has no immediate neighbours and set in beautiful countryside with glorious views of the Pyrenees. We have a dog, an outdoor cat, chickens and horses that live outside 24/7. All are easy to care for and in return you would stay in a comfortable home with wifi, sky TV, a swimming pool (for summer sits!) plus bikes, table tennis and multigym. If you think you might be interested, or know someone who might be, please get in touch. Many thanks  

started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1448283653 · posted: 1448283653

looking for someone reliable and trustworthy to offer keyholder duties around the Tarn (mazamet) area. Can anyone recommend someone?

started by: Hilary-616934 · last update: 1448274493 · posted: 1448274493

A fine coat of crepe has been sprayed on top of cement on the front of the house and is starting to fall off.  Can anyone tell me if we sand blasted it, would the crepe come off allowing us to paint the cement?  I would welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone who owns a sand blaster and has experience of this.

started by: gfsknr-612233 · last update: 1447431095 · posted: 1447431095

Hi, Does anyone know of an English-speaking Tricel Engineer in 82 Tarn&Garonne or 32 Gers areas, who would be able to service a Tricel System? We are based near Lavit de Lomagne. Thanks

started by: cherrytree-616131 · last update: 1447326826 · posted: 1321256967

I've surfed through all the information pages and forums which are so helpful but can't see any reference to appliance repairs - I'm looking for someone to repair a3 year old Miele Novatronic washing machine. Bought in UK, apparently working okay but won't function once brought to France. Does anyone out there repair white goods or know of someone who does - location Cordes sur Ciel, 81170, Tarn- about an hour north of Toulouse and 15 minutes SE of Albi and NW of Gaillac. Thanks all

started by: YELGRIMWOOD · last update: 1447157300 · posted: 1447157300

Does anyone know of a reliable key holder/ house maintenance person in the area around Mazemet? (we are in labastide rouairoux)  

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Hi chaps, Anyone got any Large bulldog clips I could borrow or buy for this coming weekend? Preferably close to Castelnau Magnoac / Bologne Sur Gesse.  Or tell me what shop sells them. Cheers 

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Does anyone know where I can  buy cut turf?  I live in the Midi Pyrenees.

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