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can anyone reccomend a trusted key holder/ property management company or individual person around Mazemet? we have a holiday property in Labastide Rouairoux, and need some help/maintenance on it. regards, y bishop

started by: Sassy-614198 · last update: 1446724854 · posted: 1446724854

  Hi.  NEED A ROOFER URGENTLY.    Can anyone recommend a register tile roofer to replace some broken tiles and to re-position other ones that were blown about during some high winds.    I have a main house and an external low roofed building.    Am located just outside of ESTANG.  SMS.  best way to contact me:   063 591 8804.  Thanks, SASSY

started by: New Build32400 · last update: 1446042572 · posted: 1444734793

HI All, We are looking to do a new build for our new home and are hoping for builder recommendations and any advice you might be able to give us please. Thanks and regards, NB32400

started by: Mwncigirl · last update: 1445208264 · posted: 1445208264

We are a family  four, me, my husband and two small boys currently staying in the Ariege area. Wondering if there are any smallholders out there who may need housesitters? we have extensive experience of caring for chickens and other poultry, pigs, cats, dogs etc. We are reliable and friendly and available now. Get in touch if interested. Thanks. Joe and family. 

started by: ali-598846 · last update: 1445194463 · posted: 1445006034

Hello all, please can anyone help before I lose the will to live.  We have sold our house & need to cut off the internet & phone line.  First point of contact was the Orange shop in Auch, where we waited for ages.  Oddly, they were able to arrange disconnection of the phone line, but, despite the shop full of people clutching liveboxes, they weren't able to arrange disconnection of the internet.  Following hours on the phone to both the French & English speaking Orange lines, I have arranged the disconnection.  Sadly, I forgot to ask what we are supposed to do with the livebox.  I cannot bear the thought of another day wasted (not to mention €'s) on the phone, so can anyone tell me what to do with it (polite responses only) please? Thank you

started by: aveyron-533505 · last update: 1445095566 · posted: 1444390783

A friend of mine is buying a house near me. She would like me to help her with the continuation of electricity, telephone and water supplies. Is there an easy way do do this? Is it better, for instance, to continue the existing account with just a name change? Help!

started by: wombat_markt-612304 · last update: 1444905543 · posted: 1444751284

walked off with E3k of my money after failing to show up on umerous occasions, will tell you that you must have items that you don't need... if you are currently looking for electricians, pm me and I will tell you the thief to avoid. 

started by: Sassy-614198 · last update: 1444820221 · posted: 1444820221

Hi.   Does anyone have any odd rolls of left over roof insulation available?   Neded between 5 and 7 rolls (CHEAP) to finish off a project.   Thanks, Sasy.   Email or SMS  063 591 8804

started by: boxergirl-602976 · last update: 1444388467 · posted: 1443612765

I'm looking for someone to do some work on a low roof on a village house.  Some tiles need replacing and woodwork too.    Also looking for someone to replace a glass roof.  Thanks ! 

started by: Anthony-608736 · last update: 1444065596 · posted: 1444065596

Roller Shutters needed. Has anyone any experiences, good or bad, with local companies who would supply and fit roller shutters? We live close to Seissan and would like someone /or a company who is local. please. Any tips, experiences or recommendations would be gratefully received. Many thanks Anthony 

started by: halcyon450-601562 · last update: 1443997410 · posted: 1443007868

Looking for recommendations - our chimney sweep has retired and we were not at all happy with the company we used last year as his replacement. If you've been happy with the chimney sweep you've used, we'd love to hear from you. Basically our flues must be swept top-down (therefore we need someone who will work from the roof). We are looking for someone who does a thorough job rather than a "quick flick". Service required in Castelnau-Riviere-Basse 65700. Thanks for your help.

started by: salsa-934748 · last update: 1443171732 · posted: 1443171732

We are a bunch of gardeners, some with more experience and knowlege than others  but we are all keen and friendly.  We are looking for members who live further south than most of us, for advice, growing tips etc, please feel free to join and grow the site (pun intended :) )- thank you https://www.facebook.com/groups/1665844080301677/  

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Hi everyone, Maybe some really kind person can give me some practical help here. we have an aincent fosse (which works well) we recently had it emptied and no problems. Now here we go, from the outlet from the toilet there is a pipe approx 10meters which runs underneath the patio to the fosse...don't ask why we never built it...it now appears thee is a blockage about half way along the pipe I know because we have tried shoving a plastic pipe along to clear it but no joy, has anyone got any ideas of howw we may be able to shift it..and I did say shift :) Thanks for your help     

started by: midi Pair o' Knees · last update: 1443000588 · posted: 1442912979

After a power cut a couple of nights ago our Britannia range cooker has a problem.  The digital clock/timer has died completely and the main oven no longer works.  Although the range looks completely 'dead', the smaller oven still works as do the igniters for the gas burners so it's not an electrical problem as such.  After a bit of research on the internet it would appear that the main oven will probably not work if the clock is not working.   Does anyone know an 'expert' that could investigate for us and possibly replace the clock/control panel?  We live just outside of Castelnau Magnoac. Thanks Kneesy

started by: frenchy-899050 · last update: 1442839677 · posted: 1442470790

Wanted a worktop jig to borrow or buy. Also does anyone have a jig for Belfast sink? Thanks

started by: Fred and Amanda-618104 · last update: 1442348328 · posted: 1442348328

Hi We are novices to northen hemispere gardens but moved here for four real seasons, instead of our native two - hot and much hotter. Noticed today at Super U narcisses and tulips are out now for planting but when is the best time to plant peony roses and the best place to buy tubers. Not a big fan of Gamm Vert but any suggestions for Pau or Tarbes garden shops or wholesalers would be really helpful. Cheers (oh and goodbye Tony Abbott and welcome Malcolm T.)

started by: gumboot-617519 · last update: 1442275969 · posted: 1441789067

Help, is there a washing machine repair man out there ? I have a Bosch washing machine and the drum won't turn, everything else is working well. I have done all the usual checks, no blockages, the belt is ok. Need some experience now please.

started by: Roebuck · last update: 1442171939 · posted: 1442141260

I know this is a long shot but I am looking for the contact details (an email address will do) for the owners of a former railway house for sale near Mirepoix - the name of the property is something like "La Pichacelu"? I am looking to buy so if you have contact details for the owners I would be most grateful.

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Have you had problems with the margelles (flagstones) around your mono coq swimming pool? The margelles the builder put down when he installed our pool 5 years ago have recently come loose . He has taken responsibility and is willing to sort the problem but I want to hear from anyone who has actually been through this. What did you do about it?  A key problem is the edge of the pool where the flagstones sit both on the concrete that encircles the pool and on the plastic return which is the top edge of the actual mono coq . Your true life margelle stories would be greatly appreciated.

started by: Woobles-878973 · last update: 1441272241 · posted: 1441032930

Hi all, thanks in advance for advice. Our livebox only works for about 1-2hrs. per day, it is over 3yrs. old so probably due a new one. I have done a diagnostic etc., but cannot get through to the orange helpline. Can I take the box directly to an orange shop for them to test and change? I live close to Marciac, does anyone know the nearest shop?   Woobles

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