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We are moving to the Maubourguet area in April. Can any one recommend any good local builders. We need the foundations laid for our new timber house. Best wishes to all. Anton Duffellangela

started by: Robert Firth-599089 · last update: 1174231562 · posted: 1173043232

I need approximately 40 tonnes of compactable stone to create a driveway. Can anyone recommend a competitive builder's merchant or preferably a quarry that can supply this, in the Agen - Cahors region?

started by: Alan Longland-599034 · last update: 1173425965 · posted: 1173092903

Can anyone give me an indication of the difference to the value of a very small piece of land - a kitchen garden to be precise - that the presence of a well makes. It is a good well, which has not run dry in the three years I've had the property. However, a farmer is keen to get his hands on the land/well and I am struggling to get a sensible idea of the true value. The piece of land itself is too small for a farmer to make anything of it, so it must be the well he wants. Any thoughts would be welcomeAlan Longland

started by: Jillie Green-598711 · last update: 1173350094 · posted: 1173350094

We have a well which seemed to dry out very fast once we used it to water garden. The house and well are 187 years old. I wonder if should make the well deeper to reach the water table? Bearing in mind there is a lot of farming around us. Does anyone know a well person (whatever they are called?) Thanks Jillie

started by: Les Holloway-599015 · last update: 1173260500 · posted: 1173207036

Hi does anyone know of an architectural reclamation place in the area. We need some old door fittings etc Cheers Les

started by: Les Holloway-599015 · last update: 1172845165 · posted: 1172000390

Does anyone know where it is possible to get old doors stripped back to the wood? Cheers Les

started by: robandjan-598005 · last update: 1172596046 · posted: 1172447892

Hi, Does anyone know where I might buy a pipe freezing kit similar to one supplied by Screwfix in the UK, see link below. I've tried the usual Bricos without any luck.... http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro.jsp?cId=100130&ts=81457&id=13369 Cheers,

started by: limegray-598806 · last update: 1172322965 · posted: 1172178851

Does anyone out there know where I can buy British plaster in the Gers/Aquitaine?limegray

started by: rugbycomet123-598166 · last update: 1172321342 · posted: 1172254470

HI, does anyone know where I might be able to buy a filing cabinet from. We're in the Tarn (81)? Thank you

started by: heather-598422 · last update: 1172309027 · posted: 1172151955

Hi Can anyone recommend (or know where to hire) a man and a Kabota. We need to get some ground work done. We are on border of 31/65 about 15 mins from Montrejeau. Many thanks russheather

started by: Stephen O'Hare-599117 · last update: 1172180083 · posted: 1172075536

Hi there, Can anyone please recommend a hard landscaping expert to undertake a large project in the Tarn et Garonne region? thanks in advance, Stephen

started by: JM-598896 · last update: 1171988433 · posted: 1171887096

I am looking for a metal, double dish rack of a type I have seen but not found yet - Any big stores in Aveyron that someone knows that might have this sort of thing? Also - are there any low-cost stores like the equivalent of a Uk 'Wilkinsons'? Unfortunately, we don't live in France yet so don't have much chance to investigate ourselves ThanksJM

started by: JM-598896 · last update: 1171886604 · posted: 1171886604

We have a house in Aveyron and I would like to know of any big garden-centre type stores that are around in that part of the world. All I have seen are small places with limited stock. Thanks JM

started by: garymc-598799 · last update: 1171841769 · posted: 1171710475

Hi, just a reminder that the Gardening Club has a meeting this Sunday from 3pm onwards. This months’ topic is “Trees, Shrubs and Planting” and is being held at Moulin d’en Bas, Escanecrabe (31). We also have a Pepiniere visiting with a selection of Trees and Shrubs at special prices for Gardening Club Members. Please e-mail gardenclub@garymcarthur.com or phone 0561797673 for directions - new members and visitors always welcome. For further information on the gardening club visit our web page http://angloinfo.com/Online/gardeningclub/ Gary McArthur

started by: ecossaise-598892 · last update: 1170888947 · posted: 1170876183

We'll be moving to Tarn et Garonne nr Beaumont later in the year. Are there any gardening books/websites in English that can give advice about what suits the area? At present I garden in the cold NE Scotland so hoping for better things - unfortunately 'Gardeners's Questiontime' doesn't advise on France!

started by: rugbycomet123-598166 · last update: 1170260957 · posted: 1170260957

Having just bought a house here and having brought my beloved Godin cooker from the UK which is being installed at the beginning of March, I am selling the Neff hob which is going to be replaced. I've looked on the internet for the code but have been unable to find it. The model no is T1722NO. I've found a similar one T1643. It has four rings, touch control and works perfectly. If anyone's interested then please email. It is three approx. 3 years old. Price 150 Euros. We live in dept 81. Buyer collects.

started by: Les Holloway-599015 · last update: 1170256124 · posted: 1170256124

We have recently moved to an old house near Lectoure (32) and have discovered that there is no insulation in the roof. As I have a bad back I don't fancy installing it myself does anyone recommend an artisan who will do the job

started by: rugbycomet123-598166 · last update: 1170148498 · posted: 1169922261

Does anyone know where I can buy a double blow up mattress from? I'm looking for the sort that you plug in to inflate and deflate. We're in the Tarn. Any ideas gratefully received. Thank you in advance.

started by: limegray-598806 · last update: 1169661761 · posted: 1169644906

I am looking to have some fleece tops made up. If you're handy with a sewing machine, I think it should be easy peasy! Anyone interested????limegray

started by: rokeen-598977 · last update: 1169565151 · posted: 1169546247

Rayburn Aga for sale 2001 model oil fired in Dark Green 23.5Kw will run up to 16 radiatiors and provide hot water in excellent condition delivery can be arranged

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