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I'm considering making the move to France and starting to look at the best places to find homes. Found a great french property listing website that cuts out the expensive french estate agents, worth checking out if your considering purchasing a place :) easyfrenchlife (.) com With the Pound strong against the Euro, it seems like a great time to start a new life in France! Any other sites you can recommend, it would be great to hear! 

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INFO FROM HELP FOR REFUGEES IN MOLYVOS We are in need of volunteers again, to sort donations, to make food, and to help out in our two transit areas in the harbour and at OXY. We need people who can: - Lead a team of volunteers - Can rent and drive a car - Can stay for 1-3 months or longer - Can work hard for long hours - Have medical skills - Speak Farsi, Arabic, Turkish or Greek If you are interested in taking on any such tasks, please send an email to molyvosrefugees@gmail.com, with 'volunteer' in the subject field, and specifying your skills.

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http://www.globalresearch.ca/european-powers-seek-to-bomb-libya-to-stop-migrants/5448702 Finally the EU has come up with a compassionate and effective proposal for dealing with boatloads of immigrants from Libya (after having reduced the country to a basket case.) Maybe the idea could be extended to include 'Roms' , East Europeans, or any non EU scrounging wasters.....

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The CRS, creme de la creme of French law enforcement are complaining they're a bit tired. Is it too much wine and chips at lunch time? having to carry around all that heavy equipment? not enough  comfy chairs in the rest room? These young men at their peak of fitness have taken a day off 'sick' to protest. I seem to recall hundreds of British police working sixteen hour shifts during the miners' strike for over a year and their only complaint was that it was all over too soon which curtailed their huge overtime bonuses. Funny old world. http://www.thelocal.fr/20150408/french-riot-police-sick-anti-terror

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A friend of mine has been covering the referendum for a newspaper in Edinburgh and asked me how Scots living in this region feel about independence. Could I ask you to kindly help me with this small straw poll? If you are a Scot, how would you vote, if you could, YES or NO? Many thanks

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Apparently, like everything else on the planet, pig feed has rocketed in price due to 'poor grain harvests' - so farmers are cutting their numbers of pigs. Across the pond, US farmers are also struggling to feed their cows too - with one owner feeding his cattle gummy worms. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/WeirdNews/2012/09/23/20224386.html?cid=rssnewsweird news Best prepare to say farewell to your trusted bacon butty, stockpile your freezer, or maybe, shock, gulp! - go vegetarian.

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I tried to create an e-petition to bring back the return of capital punishment for the murder of police officers and it was rejected as there was already one out there. If you think the same as I do, please sign the following e-petition created by Michael White.   http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38976   Many thanks

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Hi, Having problems trying to check in online. When I click boarding pass for the first time the check in onloine page appears but it is greyed out and can't select anything. Is anyone having similar problems? Thanks

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I am hoping to move to France next year. I am 62 and receive my Uk state pension already. Will my Uk state pension be taxed when I receive it in France. As usual I have read literature which gives varying answers. Thank you

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U.S. Citizens--you NEVER lose your right to vote in federal elections (i.e. for the President!). However you MUST register to receive a ballot.You can do most of the process on line here: www.VoteFromAbroad.org/.Don't delay!If your ballot does not arrive in time, you can use an Emergency generic ballot--but ONLY if youregistered to vote in THIS calendar year--2012.If you have adult children living abroad who are U.S. citizens, think of passing on this information.Your vote is your voice! Don't lose it.

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There you are. The BBC make it official.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18234930Neil.

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We travel to and from Realmont 3 or 4 times a year. It would be good to share costs on these journeys. The next trip will be around the 23rd July '12 from Cambridge to Realmont. We can make reasonable detours en-route. We travel in a 6 seater VW window van with space to carry other items.Contact us via email katy.humphrys@gmail.com

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We are wanting to go shopping in spain this weekend at a hypermarket; Can anybody help with directions over the border departing on the A64 St-Jean-de-luz. Thank you in advance; and Merry Christmas

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A Christmas gift to all those readers who live in Europe and look on with dismay at the mess, those who purport to lead, have led us to. Love him or hate him, he speaks an uncomfortable truth for those who "govern" Europe. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100125529/ryanair-boss-tells-the-eurocrats-to-their-faces-what-he-thinks-of-them/

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David Cameron's use of the veto at the recent EU treaty meetings seems to have let the anti EU genie out of the bottle in the UK. Perhaps a hypothetical question but what would be the consequences for UK nationals remaining in France? At the moment our health care is funded by the UK by means of our S1. Would this change? We are permanent French residents, having lived in France full time for over five years and are in the French tax system. Would the French system fund our health care if the UK left the EU? Would we and non permanent residents need a visa to be able to stay?

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Hi, just looking at the Forum and many are searching things for Christmas already...in my opinion Christmas should be Christmas..not the first few days of Autumn and no Christmas items should be on sale until December 1st.. Exploitation or what ???

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We are moving from France to Spain and have a car and motorhome which we wish to insure in Spain. Does anyone know of any insurance company or broker in Spain who can do this?

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Are these a good thing to reduce speed or are they just to fill the bank balance of the authorities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnelQoSyzVg&feature=related

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Has anyone out there got internet via satellite from Connexion Verte? Is the service reliable, good technical support if needed? Any problems? If you exceed your monthly limit, do they cut you off or can you still at least read/send emails at dial-up speed? Thanks.

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On Sunday 31st July Les Amis des Chats are holding a Huge Book Sale in Beauville (47470) at the Place du Mairie from 10am - 12.30pm. We have hundreds of books for sale - english, french and dutch most priced at 1 euro each or 3 for 2 euros. Come along and get all your summer reading plus help this local charity to raise much needed funds.

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