If the UK left the EU?

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David Cameron's use of the veto at the recent EU treaty meetings seems to have let the anti EU genie out of the bottle in the UK. Perhaps a hypothetical question but what would be the consequences for UK nationals remaining in France? At the moment our health care is funded by the UK by means of our S1. Would this change? We are permanent French residents, having lived in France full time for over five years and are in the French tax system. Would the French system fund our health care if the UK left the EU? Would we and non permanent residents need a visa to be able to stay?

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what is the S1 for uk health care are you retired? how can you be covered by uk health care if you live in France full time and pay in Franch tax system?I can't understand

Regards Nogbad

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If you don't understand I can't help

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I'm sorry if I was a little short.
Because I am retired and over UK state pension age my health care is recharged to the UK from France by means of my S1 certificate.
I am in the French tax system because I live here all of the time and there is a legal requirement that all my worldwide income is declared here.

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For retirees, the healthcare is reimbursed by the UK into the french system.

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Following a UK exit, all assets held by UK nationals in France would be immediately nationalised. Roaming mobs would drive brits from their homes and string them up from the nearest low branch...

Contrary to what you may have read in the literacy-challenged right-wing press, Cameron didn't veto anything, he just failed to sign.

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Thank goodness they'd be using the low branches - I'm 6' 2"

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If the UK left the EU they (still valuing the EU as a market for 50% of the UK export) would like become an European Economic Area Member. The European Economic Area (EEA) was established on 1 January 1994 following an agreement between the member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the European Community, later the European Union (EU). Specifically, it allows Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to participate in the EU's Internal Market without a conventional EU membership. In exchange, they are obliged to adopt all EU legislation related to the single market, except laws on agriculture and fisheries. Therefore all the same rules will apply re Health Care, Pensions, Social Security and freedom of movement within the EU & EEA.

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