Insuring French registered vehicles in Spain

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We are moving from France to Spain and have a car and motorhome which we wish to insure in Spain. Does anyone know of any insurance company or broker in Spain who can do this?

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morse-610171 1317048103

We have done the reverse and moved to France from Spain with a car and motorhome which are still insured in Spain as we still haven't sold our Spanish house. We insure through a broker Knights Insurance. 0034 952 52 46 00. The branch I deal with is in Nerja but I think they are also in other towns.

Worth a try. Good luck in Spain.


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Hello Barry Winterbottom

May I suggest you post your question on AngloINFO in Spain - you can also have a look in the AngloFILE directory covering the region to which you are moving.

Here's the link to AngloINFO Spain - you can pick your local regional site from the Home Page - see the menu to the left:

Good luck with your move!


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Hi Morse

Thank you for your reply. Do you have Spanish registration plates? Our vehicles have French registered plates. Do you think that Knights Insurance will be able to insure our vehicles?



Barry Winterbottom-616241 1317058319

Hello Giles

Thank you for your response. I have already contacted Anglo Info in Spain and they have emailed me some info. which I will follow up. Thanks again.



morse-610171 1317061206

Hi Barry

Both my vehicles are Spanish reg. And to change the motor home to French is not easy. It was originally a German import to Spain.

Knights may be able to help, they all speak perfect English, so it may be worth giving them a ring.


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It may have changed, but about 6 years ago I replaced my car and wanted to give the old French registered one to someone living in Spain. They took it to Spain on my French insurance but could not insure it on French plates and to re-register it in Spain was an absolute minefield and would have cost about 1500 euros. (They are intelligent, Spanish speaking folk so no language barrier problems and they desperately wanted and needed the car so did absolutely everything possible but drew a blank.) They had to bring the car back to me unfortunately.

Don't want to panic you, but look into it before taking your vehicles permanently. Would be interested to hear if you've had advice from AI Spain from people who've done this, and if so, how difficult it was and how much it cost.

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