Michael O'Leary on Europe

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A Christmas gift to all those readers who live in Europe and look on with dismay at the mess, those who purport to lead, have led us to. Love him or hate him, he speaks an uncomfortable truth for those who "govern" Europe. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100125529/ryanair-boss-tells-the-eurocrats-to-their-faces-what-he-thinks-of-them/

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reeknralf-600568 1324978215

Are you quite sure this is the answer? I was under the impression that it was this sort of mammonian monomania which got us into the current muddle.

ChrisPat-599874 1324981625

Brave speech, he does tend to speak his mind. My tip of the day for anyone flying with Ryanair is to pack bulky clothing in a vacuum bag so that you get much more in your hand luggage. OH! And put your fingers in your ears on landing to avoid being deafened by the Ryanair fanfare which just about gave me a heart attack....

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