Return of Death Penalty for the Murder of Police Officers

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I tried to create an e-petition to bring back the return of capital punishment for the murder of police officers and it was rejected as there was already one out there. If you think the same as I do, please sign the following e-petition created by Michael White.   Many thanks

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cudders-603548 1348055481

Why not bring it back for child killers and terrorists too!!


Mindbender-601395 1348057486

Why should killing a police officer carry a heavier penalty than killing any other person?  By implication you're suggesting that they are better, superior or more important than any other member of society.


Shiner-871423 1348058637

.... slowly, slowly, catchee monkey.  One step at a time.

SSL-613488 1348083001

Off duty I agree. On duty they put themselves into situations any 'normal' person would run a mile from.

Death penalty- not sure. This person did it purely for the notoriety, let him rot in jail rather than become an anti hero in execution.

What musn't happen is letting him free- ever.


lennie-604008 1348089150


 I Might have got this wrong, but many murders are committed by family members under tense and difficult situations. eg family arguements etc. which gets out of control. Is this the same as someone who deliberatey carries a weapon and then murders someone who is doing their job ie copper, shop attendant, garage assistant etc etc,  Have you seen the notices in many places saying " Our employees have the right to safe working conditions and we will not tolerate etc etc" Perhaps the murdered police et al have the right to safe working conditions????  That means supporting these people and helping them not critising them

Dreamer72-608845 1348185316

I am shocked to discover that anyone would want to bring that barbaric practice back.



Shiner-871423 1348210759

Well so far Christine, in less than 48 hours, 1,260 of us barbarians would like it re-introduced.

Ian Cole-604427 1348221552


Phil McCracken-604480 1348224544

If the evidence was sound and it was premeditated - 1262

Why protect and feed them in jail and then let them out later.

Maurice 32-614014 1348243552

1262 divided by say 60m equals 0.0021% big deal!

By definition all convicted of a crime have "compelling" evidence against them - "Beyond reasonable doubt" but this does not stop mistakes - Birmingham 6, Guildford4 etc, etc

Lianne-607131 1348247908

I too do not support the death penalty - look to america to see all the mistakes - see amnesty international for details - L

Dreamer72-608845 1348273487

Shiner, I can well believe that there is about one tower block's worth of people in the UK who would like to see the death penalty reintroduced.

And 4305 people think their should be no VAT on Cornish Pasties.


4306 ...



lennie-604008 1348309572

M32 I didn't realsie that 60m people had signed  up with AI. Legal execution is a barbaric act but whta about the victims. There does not seem to be much sympathy for these people. I recently watched a programme about Ian Brady - The Moors muderer for those that dont remeber the case. Wont go into much discussion but one person who meets with Brady actually said that she wasnt too intersested what happened 50 years ago, ie the atrocious murders of little kids.!!!!! 

Phil McCracken-604480 1348310603

Now this is one example of 'what I don't know' that has cost the relatives real pain and the tax payer over too many years.  The life sentence has been on the relatives of those poor kids.  I could easily throw the switch on him.

Garonne 1348324020

Me too, Phil. 

Sorry but if anyone had ever hurt or goodness forbid, killed my child I'd be at the front of the queue asking why he/she should live in prison indefinitely ... but that's just me.

Dreamer72-608845 1348343363

But Ian Brady is not in prison :-(  He successfully pleaded insanity so he's a patient at Broodmoor Hospital. So he would never have been elligible for execution anyway.

In this instance I would agree that the system has failed.  He shouldn't be given the luxury of hospital.

If you created a petition to stop murderers escaping justice by claiming insanity, I would gladly sign it.


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