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We are wanting to go shopping in spain this weekend at a hypermarket; Can anybody help with directions over the border departing on the A64 St-Jean-de-luz. Thank you in advance; and Merry Christmas

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squoppy-598649 1324155314

probably too late to reply but the best place to go is Irun which is just over the border and a straight run down the autoroute, it has a huge supermarket, sports store etc, well worth a visit. sorry for the tardiness !


FizzFizz 1324167314

Is it any less expensive in Spain?


squoppy-598649 1324207160

somethings are definetly cheaper in Irun, and if you spend a certain amount you get very cheap petrol or diesel which makes the trip worth while

plus its quite a good day out !

kev-600268 1324220444

thank you squoppy

Apart from the weather; we had a good trip out, and plan to go again, in the spring.

Ronnie2-606556 1324233550

Me or my French neighbours go shopping once a month across the border at Les (we usually take it in turns); apart from cigarettes and spirits, toiletries and dishwasher stuff are dead cheap compared to France. (Giant Sanex €2.75, Fairy Liquid etc), Philly cheese is available and super cheap fruit and veg. Diesel isn't that much cheaper now so I only fill up if the queues are short. But I reckon on saving on the other stuff the make the monthly trip (about an hour, ten mins for me - €10?) worthwhile. Not sure I'd bother to go so often though is it wasn't for the cigs.

SKR-617270 1329422640

The beef is better in Spain and you can chew it unlike the french stuff.

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