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The CRS, creme de la creme of French law enforcement are complaining they're a bit tired. Is it too much wine and chips at lunch time? having to carry around all that heavy equipment? not enough  comfy chairs in the rest room? These young men at their peak of fitness have taken a day off 'sick' to protest. I seem to recall hundreds of British police working sixteen hour shifts during the miners' strike for over a year and their only complaint was that it was all over too soon which curtailed their huge overtime bonuses. Funny old world.

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Phil McCracken-604480 1428681136

Must take it out of you being hated.

Reggie-832945 1428761605

How right you are about the miners strike, I think it was about 64 hours a week in overtime,

I had a fantastic summer hiliday in 1985,

Good old Maggie


Shiner-871423 1428763720

If there is a hell, I hope she's rotting in it.

MisterAngry 1428768731

What a great primister we need more like her ,  my company was buying coal from Belguim and germany at half the price of UK coal .

Mr A

Phil McCracken-604480 1428792944


and was that same coal still half price after it wrecked the uk coal industry?

MisterAngry 1428826042

Even Fords at Dagenham  were using the same coal, closed shop union run, same as my company that i worked for I was forced to join the union other wise I couldnt work at 16.  As usuall its down to the public they wanted lower costs products   so cheaper coal kept costs down, then we changed to natural gas so coal was going anyway, And yes your right the miners did suffer badly but there leaders didnt  Auther scargill living the life of luxuary lining his pockets, Lolndon flat for life all down to the miners and there  still paying him for it,  other leader benerfitted as well.  Just look at the mupets we have to vote for now, not one of them have any back bone, limp wristed  backstabers 

marshall-608890 1428844753

Sorry I mentioned the miners strike...the original post concerning the CRS seems to have been completely overlooked...much like the protest of the CRS. Still a funny old world though.

Frie-526954 1428920552

Perhaps you were too angry to pay attention at school?

Do you not re read what you've written before sending it? Or is it that you don't know just what camel sized mistakes you have in your writing?

Sorry, but decent spelling and grammar are amongst my passions.

And for the one wishing Margaret Thatcher in hell, be careful what you wish for, it could be given to you instead!


MisterAngry 1428924644


If you mean me leaving school at 15 with nothing, but getting an a job as a marine engineer apprentice and passing every exam  right up to OND & HND standard in engineering is not bad for somebody that cannot read and write properly is not bad. And running my own business successfully  for 30 years then retiring at 50 here its never hindered me,  but respect people that can.

Mr A





marshall-608890 1428930609

Q.E.D. No one gives a rat's .....about the completely exhausted CRS. The canteen staff were delighted as they all went home early and even those nasty terrorists lurking around every corner couldn't be bothered to take advantage of their absence. I suppose we must be grateful they were'nt policing the miner's strike otherwise it would still be rolling on.

Shiner-871423 1428944694

@Frie  I said if there is a hell.  Unfortunately as an atheist I know she won't pay for the misery she caused so many people.  Have a nice day.


Shiner-871423 1428945017

@Frie  "Or is it that you don't know just what camel sized mistakes you have in your writing?"

Not exactly the sort of phraseology I would have expected to be used by such a learned and erudite individual such as your good self.  Very pedestrian.  Miaow!

marshall-608890 1428958358

As this post seems to have become a free for all on topics as diverse as the attributes or otherwise of the late Dame Thatcher, the price of coal and the unequivocal benefits of literacy perhaps one of those contributing would like to introduce a sufficiently contentious subject which could be steered witthin the confines of A.I, 'General Rules' and forget the weary CRS; everyone else has.

lucy55-883129 1429053496

They're gettin' some rest in now 'cos they know what's coming.

Sirius-489767 1429252943


So what is coming?


Shiner-871423 1429259536

A spelling and grammar check.

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