Speed traps

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Are these a good thing to reduce speed or are they just to fill the bank balance of the authorities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnelQoSyzVg&feature=related

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lucette-603528 1280431950

The state's coffers have to be filled one way or other. Taxing people for driving too fast seems to me more just than taxing people for working.

22dropout-598823 1280475457

perhaps you should ask our neighbour's, their kid was knocked down on a crossing by a car doing 60 in a 30 zone. if people need to drive fast go to a racetrack to get your kicks, not streets other people have to use.

richardandelse-600040 1280484093

Fixed & mobile speed cameras are a good thing, the amount of deaths reduced over the last 3 years due to spot speed checks and alcohol tests is in the 1000's per year. So France IS becoming a safer place to drive and less of a Russian Roulette with scores dying at the begining of the July holidays - so something is having an effect and it is working! I fully agree with '22dropout', we have cars that speed through our hamlet and we have 2 small children to worry about - so how someone can think that it is anything else than safety beats me.

richardandelse-600040 1280484501

Oh yea, one last thing, the French in our area, if they are caught, blame Sarkozy. How logical is that?

Phil McCracken-604480 1280488915

I agree with the traps being placed in villages and small hamlets with through roads. We always have a run of both French and Spanish lorries going through ours at much more than the 70 limit so the resources should be there. What I don't agree with is as shown in the 'youtube' video - hiding in the bushes catching motorist usually on clear straight motorways not 'black spots' doing just over the limit. Another favourite spot is near to the ferry ports catching people maybe late for ferries.

richardandelse-600040 1280490465

Phil, with respect, if you are doing 100 km in a 90 km zone then you are breaking the law. Its as simple as that! If you are caught by a speedtrap erected in bushes it is usually because people are speeding there and should not think they are immune except for black spots! A max limit is just that, or are you advocating a law is not a law unless it is a blackspot? Police are only human and there are good and bad cops, we all know that - what we are talking about is a respect for the speed limit (which is law) and if you have a cruise control then I suggest use it. Police usually haunt the same areas with speed traps and that is because they have a good catch of drivers who accidentally or willfully speed. I have seen enough of bad driving and have seen a driver who overtook on the wrong side on a blind bend (speeding) and killed himself and injured 3 others in a head on collision, I was 30 meters from the impact with my wife&kids. So I respect the speed limits and hope others do too so you/I will not be an innocent victims.

Jon02-611533 1280493959

I suspect
that the craftily concealed mobile traps are expressions of frustration. There
are 1.8m foreign cars flashed from French fixed cameras every year. The
majority are German, followed by closely by Brits and trailed by Italians. That’s
quite a lot of revenue lost to drivers who can’t be followed up; no slaps on
the wrist without reciprocal agreements which don’t exist.

Phil McCracken-604480 1280494446

What I would like is more cameras where it matters and the ability to get them - German or others, patrols on the roads as in the UK and not manpower hiding in the bushes.

Stewy-609095 1280517473

I agree entirely with you Phil. There is a camera on the Auch / Toulouse road which is designed to get you on the return journey for those that dont know, normally its a 110 but you come over a hill round a slight bend and it drops to 90 for a small section and then back up to 110. For those that dont know its there, its a dead cert to catch you out and ideally and strategically placed by the authorities for that reason, simply to trick the public out of thier hard earn't cash !

NickPoll-608744 1280537358

I agree with Phil too on his view. The speed cameras here have very little to do with safety, that's just an excuse to use them. When did you last see a policeman with a camera outside a school or on a dangerous bit of road ? No, they hide cowardly behind bushes on the long motorway hills where you have to brake to stay within the limit. Don't tell me that's for our own good and for the safety of others. That's rubbish.

ambrelys-605388 1280573882

The thing I find scary are people speeding down blind single track country lanes. The only satisfaction is seeing their faces when they come to a screaching halt as they pass our house and run out of road.

Are their no such signs as no through road here !!

Dreamer72-608845 1280575217

The police always set up on the long straight roads with good visibility, ideally where their is short section where the speed limit drops. It doesn't take a genius to work out that this type of road is not as dangerous as country lanes or busy junctions - that's where all the flowers are. But do you ever see the police there checking peoples tyres, alcohol level, brakes ...... never!

ambrelys-605388 1280575713

And another thing, why do some people have to drive so close in traffic, ? there is no where to go to even if they could overtake.

Phil McCracken-604480 1280607263

Yeah! they should also pull up all those with dodgy lights. Sometimes you don't know what's coming towards you or what you are following - could be car, bike, motorbike or a UFO with all the combinations of duff lights.

nickpatrick-610178 1280617265

If they want to save lives - in my opinion "cat's eyes" would be far more effective than putting cops in bushes. If you can see the road it's easier to stay on the road - very simple. The N124 at night is shocking!! The french traffic system discovered the roundabout from the UK, now it's time for cat's eyes.

Is this just my opinion? I'm sure "cat's eyes" would save far more lives than speed traps.

lucette-603528 1280657911

It's not very realistic to advocate swapping a highly profitable safety measure (speeding fines) for a variety of safety measures which would be more expensive, at least in the short term.

If you think cats eyes are worthwhile you advocate speed traps and cats eyes, not speed traps or cats eyes. If you want speed traps outside schools, you advocate speed traps on open roads and outside schools, not one rather than the other.

What's the objection to a safety measure being profitable?

NickPoll-608744 1280681736

I think Lucette has lost the plot somewhere. You seem to think it ok to make a fortune under the " safety " banner. We all know it's nothing to do with safety. The idea of cats eyes is one I have often mentioned myself. When the French made the new motorway passing Cahore, I think the extra expense to build in cats eyes would have been minimal. Instead it's a deatrap at night in the winter months when there's thick fog. I drive very slowly when it's foggy there, but even at very low speed you can't see the edge of the road. Cats eyes would fix that.

Phil McCracken-604480 1280683881

Safety is by means of 'safety measures' not a money making exercise. Cats eyes - needed. More makings - needed. Rules on give way from right onto main road - stupid. Roundabouts like Auch - crazy. Patrols to check vehilce lighting and driving manners/control - good idea and needed.

Jon02-611533 1280688632

As far as I'm aware the French don't do cats eyes, at all. Possibly because they were invented in the UK? All the rest of the issues (including right priority and the Auch roundabout) can be fixed with paint. So the real issue (IMHO) is why not do more painting? Incidentally Auch isn't alone in having a right priority roundabout, there's one in Berlin as well. You must admit it makes for a stimulating driving experience.

Booney-600478 1280743019

This one could go on!

A few of my own observations:-
Vehicles stuck in cruise control?
Often I've followed vehicles at 70-80 kmh only to enter a village and they're still at the same speed!
My car doesn't have indicators?
Roundabouts - watch out!
I'm not letting you out!
I'm not slowing down even though your walking your dog on a narrow country lane and waving your arms at me!
(Yes he did hit the dog)

It's not necessarily speed that's the problem. It's usually peoples judgment. Awareness and lack of driving skills
could certainly be improved. But once that test is passed there are no further obligations to pursue further instruction/training.


marshall-608890 1297281581

This seems a pretty emotive topic and understandably too if you've received your demand for ransom for having been clocked at 52 kmh in a 50 limit. I'm not surprised either that Sarkosy gets the blame as this government is more stick than carrot. Ultimately, though it's not speed that kills but the individual behind the steering wheel. We've all seen the octogenarian with his chien de chasse leaping about untethered in his car -- the likelihood of him attaining sufficient velocity to trigger a speed camera is minimal, (but look out when he's about) or the young girl, cigarette in mouth, fiddling with the radio, half an eye on the road as she approaches a sudden hazard. Our village recently sported a flashing sign which advised you of your speed as you as you approached the built up area causing most considerate drivers to immediately check their speed and slow down if necessary. No fines or penalty -- just advice. To my mind this is far more effective -- let's face it -- a camera doesn't jump out in front of you and tell you to slow down!! I could witter on for ages but that's enough for now.

GnV-600638 1297326676

Actually, in some places, the priority from the right rule on to a main(ish) road is quite sensible. Imagine a road from the right with a steepish incline; in certain type of weather, it might be impossible to the vehicle to stop and then get going again without sliding back down the hill. Its not unusual to find these arrangements in mountainous areas and I have encountered them in Germany too.

Where the priority from the right applies, in my experience, it is usually signed correctly; an X sign. A thicker up pointing arrow with crossbars indicates that you have priority and no sign at all requires caution in any circumstances.

itinerant child-614015 1297341648

speed limits are there for a reason,which is obvious to us all. we may want to drive a bit faster sometimes,or feel that we are driving safe enough to stop if anything was to happen,but these limits must be respected. If you were to go to court and get fined for lets say shop lifting or ram raiding or whatever,you would accept the fines and not question where the money is going,BUT many people whinge like hell about speedin fines from cameras and the likes,which I find very strange. surely,even just passing our tests we should know what the rules of the road are,and be responsible adults by accepting the consequences of our actions,if we are caught breaking the limits that are set for good reason.why whinge,when you know what the limit is?

In my last car I often drove over the speed limit,and am guilty as charged,but if I was ever to get caught,I wouldnt moan about it,as I know what the limits are,and would except my punishment gracefully,as I would deserve it.

If speed cameras were not so well marked,and hidden in places where we couldnt see them,then that would be a great detterent to make us all slow down.

Love and light


Lorraine-601280 1299223719

Perhaps another idea they could 'pinch' from the UK as well as cat's eyes would be to use road paint that would actually last more than about 6 weeks! I think they use their regular general purpose paint which we all know is 'see-through'.

Having said that I do feel safer driving here than in the UK although I do not do much driving in the dark.

Dreamer72-608845 1302726321

I feel safer here than in the UK when I'm behind the wheel - but as a pedestrian in France I walk in the tall grass and take my chance with the snakes!!

mikel-612738 1315088328

Lots of people on here whinging about speed cameras and how the French do things.
Firstly, all speed limits are marked, If you don't want to be fined, here is a thought.....stick to the limit.
Secondly, If you don't like the way the French do things, go and live somewhere else. I chose to live in France so I accept the way they operate. If you don't like the way they do things exercise your right to move somewhere else.

memeweaver-611327 1315142381

Mikel wrote: "Lots of people on here whinging about speed cameras and how the French do things.
Firstly, all speed limits are marked, If you don't want to be fined, here is a thought.....stick to the limit.
Secondly, If you don't like the way the French do things, go and live somewhere else. I chose to live in France so I accept the way they operate. If you don't like the way they do things exercise your right to move somewhere else."

I believe that when the French don't like the way that things happen in France they complain or lobby for change. Why should it be different for non-natives?

All speed limits are marked ... but not necessarily clearly. They are often hidden behind other objects, or change so rapidly in a short distance that it's not possible for most reasonable drivers to monitor all the changes, especially if there are other competing signs or road-hazards around. It's known that too much road signage actually makes things more dangerous for driver and pedestrian alike. You can't take it for granted that every driver on a road is a regular driver on that road (something which London councils often take advantage of when fining drivers who get into poorly-marked bus-lanes by accident and can't get out again.)

There are plenty of other instances of road-signs being placed in a poor position - there's a give-way in the middle of arterial road leading up from Carrefour to Auch centre that is not visible until you've come over part of a rise, by which time it may be too late to stop. When I drove through the Dordogne last week there was an abundance of unposted entrances to side-roads just over the crest of a hill, not to mention 90 limits posted on crazy winding roads that should be posted at 40 or 50.

lucy555-613003 1316026548

you're missing the point completely mikel.

some of us dont have the freedom money buys, to have the world as our oyster.

when we see a government, wherever it my be, flexing its muscles; we should discuss the implications.


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