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I am hoping to move to France next year. I am 62 and receive my Uk state pension already. Will my Uk state pension be taxed when I receive it in France. As usual I have read literature which gives varying answers. Thank you

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I would try putting this topic for discussion in the Financial & Legal section of the AngloInfo forum. I have lived in France for a number of years, France being my permanent home. French residents are expected to register and then complete annual tax forms, the tax year being 1st January private pensions, interest payments, dividends etc. The French tax allowances are better than the UK so you would probably not pay tax but the French like to tell you this and not leave residents to assume!

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Thanks for that elrio, I will do as you suggest and put on the financial section.

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Sorry for the delay in sending this I was away and couldn't get the email to send, thanks for your reply I will do as you suggest and put it in the financial side.

Thanks again


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