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INFO FROM HELP FOR REFUGEES IN MOLYVOS We are in need of volunteers again, to sort donations, to make food, and to help out in our two transit areas in the harbour and at OXY. We need people who can: - Lead a team of volunteers - Can rent and drive a car - Can stay for 1-3 months or longer - Can work hard for long hours - Have medical skills - Speak Farsi, Arabic, Turkish or Greek If you are interested in taking on any such tasks, please send an email to molyvosrefugees@gmail.com, with 'volunteer' in the subject field, and specifying your skills.

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If you are not in a position to go out there yourself but would like to help, please go to this link and donate a few euros. This money will help to provide logistic support for those on the ground doing such a great job with very little support.


Also, if you would like to get involved please send me a PM.

Thank you!

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Last month 169 people drowned in the Aegean Sea, 44 were children - and it will probably be the same or worse this month.

There are volunteers out there doing a fantastic job but they also need support. They have to pay for their own accommodation, transport and food. 
To help the helpers - even in a very small way - please message me.
Thank you.

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A video from one man, with hs family, living and working on Lesvos.


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Thank you for posting Lima - my personal circs mean I cant but maybe in the future - lets hope there isnt a future need - L

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It's getting worse, not better


Iolanthe-611425 1445413615

Lima, these people are obviously doing a good job, although you don't mention exactly what they are doing.

You mention the drownings as a headline to garner support for the volunteers. It is an absolutely ghastly phenomenon. Does it follow from this fact that the volunteers job is to prevent people from drowning? Or to care for the survivors? If the former then the qualification for volunteers would surely be boats, nautical rescue equipment and life saving skills? 

Lima-609452 1445415611


Thank you for your interest.

If you are free to go over to help, or would like to offer financial support to the volunteers on the ground I can put you in touch with the coordinators, they will give you a full briefing? 

Lima-609452 1445549283


This is a message from one of the volunteers this evening. Does this help to explain what is required?

People, this is a massive emergency call for help. The situation in Moria is utterly catastrophic. We need organisations to come there. The queue for registering is 2 km long, many people do not have tents, there is no shelter. There is a handful of us volunteers in moria, there are no organisations except for once a day food distribution which is nowhere near enough for everyone. I've had people holding half dead babies up to me the whole day and we have nowhere to send them. All the NGO's are inside and doctors only very rarely come out. Tomorrow will be a disaster : there are no dry clothes for anyone, no shelter, there are children sleeping in bin bags, no food, no blankets, no diapers for babies. No access to drinking water for the people in the back of the line, people will go to sleep wet and cold tonight in the open air, half the people will wake up sick, some people will die I am sure of it. We urgently need medics on the ground, some form of sheltering and dry clothes. Please please help, we are just a few volunteers by ourselves without resources but people are looking at us to help but we can do nothing. Many thanks.

Iolanthe-611425 1445561636


I have donated 5,000 euros this year to NGO's and in my lifetime more than 100,000 euros to various charities, so please don't patronise me. I have put my money where my mouth is.

The report describes an absolutely ghastly situation. But these volunteers are trying to help the survivors of the crossings, they are NOT doing anything about the problem of people (and children) drowning. BUT your headline in your earlier posting says "Last month 169 people drowned in the Aegean Sea, 44 were children - and it will probably be the same or worse this month", and you imply therefore that people should support the volunteers on Lesvos to alleviate this problem of drowning.

You use the phenomenon of the drownings to garner support for the volunteers, but these volunteers are not doing anything about that. Fine to raise the profile of this cause, but don't use the phenomenon of these drownings to justify it.

My support goes to the refugee camps in Turkey, and to the organisations who are working to prevent these people from embarking on these suicidal journeys in the first place. If that is successful, no one will make the crossings and the Lesvos volunteers won't be needed. These volunteers are treating the symptom not the cause, and arguably perhaps unintentionally making it worse. Because by aiding the survivors of these (entirely unnecessary) crossings, you are encouraging more and more to try. No doubt the survivors contact others and say "I made it, so you try it too", or worse the vile people traffickers say that.

Contrary to Moria, in the refugee camps adjacent to the conflict in Turkey, there IS food, shelter, tents, organisation, medical assistance. Working to persuade the refugees to stay there, and not make these crossings in the first place, and they won't drown. In short, treat the cause not the symptoms.


Lima-609452 1445585840


Fantastic, you are an inspiration to us all! If you have any funds left perhaps you would like to make a donation to our Aide Népal project – rebuilding schools after the earthquake?

Do you not agree that rescuing and lifesaving at sea is better left to the professionals, the Coast Guard, even though they are stretched to the limit?

The volunteers take over when the ‘lucky’ ones reach the beach, cold, wet and disorientated. From then on these people are the refugees’ lifeline.

Q: ‘Contrary to Moria, in the refugee camps adjacent to the conflict in Turkey, there IS food, shelter, tents, organisation, medical assistance. Working to persuade the refugees to stay there, and not make these crossings in the first place, and they won't drown. In short, treat the cause not the symptoms’.

It would appear that treating the cause is not working and the symptoms are worsening!

Iolanthe-611425 1445624329


You are either unable to understand my point, or unwilling to. Sadly.

No I wouldn't support your other charity. Because you haven't played it straight. You have exhibited a genuine problem and then used it to justify supporting your cause even though that cause has nothing whatseover to do with the original exhibit. I am sick of the media and others misrepresenting the truth and manipulating people.

The media (and many charities) are so bereft of any morality, that it is no great leap of imagination to next expect a scandal wherby some film crew supplies dinghies to these people, then follows their crossing and struggles in order to create a story. 

Treating the symptom isn't working either by the way, as your message from one of the volunteers clearly reveals.

Lima-609452 1445635811


This is not my cause, my cause is rebuilding schools in Nepal. I was merely drawing attention to the situation on Lesvos and the magnificent work being done by a handful of unpaid volunteers, some of them friends of a friend.

Media can be unscrupulous at times; but which charities in particular do you consider capable of skulduggery and bereft of any morality?

I understand the point you are trying to make but as any first year med student will point out, you do not treat a symptom, a symptom is an indicator, if the patient responds to treatment the symptoms reduce.

I am sorry you won’t be able to support Aide Népal, at least you would see some benefit from you donation.

Iolanthe-611425 1446121702

This opinion describes the problem and solution better than I can. I am no supporter of Tony Abbott or indeed have any particular political conviction. Preventing any more innocent children from drowning is my concern. And every traumatised child is a potential future teenage hater and candidate for malevolent persuasion.


Lima-609452 1446226603

But this is not about a government being in a position to slam the door on a few thousand boat people, this is about thousands of people crossing a six mile stretch of water, in unseaworthy boats, every day! There is no coordinated governmental approach to this situation. And so, the volunteers, with little training or finding, are picking up the pieces. While the war (wars) goes on and Turkey sits back and allows the Mafia to run the show, making millions of dollars, this will continue. I guess the powers-that-be will be forced to do something when the death toll escalates over the next few weeks, but then again, I wouldn’t put money on it. We are sending a small amount every month to help support the volunteers. What else to do?

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