Warning: global bacon shortage is 'unavoidable!'

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Apparently, like everything else on the planet, pig feed has rocketed in price due to 'poor grain harvests' - so farmers are cutting their numbers of pigs. Across the pond, US farmers are also struggling to feed their cows too - with one owner feeding his cattle gummy worms. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/WeirdNews/2012/09/23/20224386.html?cid=rssnewsweird news Best prepare to say farewell to your trusted bacon butty, stockpile your freezer, or maybe, shock, gulp! - go vegetarian.

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Louisa-600967 1348661779

or buy organic locally, there's no gummy worms or whatever in orgnic pigs.


Although there was a drought and food shortage in the States, there was a  good harvest in the Gers this year  as the gulf stream moved away from it's normal route, making the US a drought zone, but the Gers  got an the rain instead ( remember april this year?). So buy local and buy organic and you'll still be able to have good bacon.

CarolineS 1348676494

You're right though, the price of pig food has rocketed. I'm paying double what I was paying about three years ago and almost as much for maize.  Ouch !


Louisa-600967 1348682817

you're right, feed prices are up though, we have  paid up to 480E on the tonne for organic feed this year!

lennie-604008 1348783058

Hi Louisa 


Will give you a ring for some porky pig. The smell of the crackling ,ethe tast of the meat  lovely

Louisa-600967 1348785275

Hi Lennie


 I will be butchering at the end of the month, so I'd be delighted to take your order . You can email me directly if you want. Thanks

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