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Just found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAg0lUYHHFc kc

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I recently posted a warning about this stuff and it's dangers to dogs. I have now seen it being sold EVERYWHERE over here in the garden centres and farm shops! I was chatting to the guy who runs our local Point Vert who stock it, about it's dangers and whilst doing so a lady was listening and she totally freaked out! She bought some and her dog has been at death's door and she didn't have a clue why! She put two and two together and marched out threatening legal action for payment of massive vet bills and the stress of the possibility of losing the still very sick dog - I later saw her car outside the vet surgery! Please be carerful of this stuff - it's clearly very dangerous and my last posting was not taken seriously by a couple of people who said you couldn;t get it over here - NOT true.

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Hi, I live in the Dordogne and urgently need replacement blades for my Bestgreen Tractor Mower, Model No. BM20H107RBK. Have tried online to U.S.A as they are so very expensive here. Has anyone any suggestions as to where I can purchase these parts at a reasonable price.Many thanks. Jaykay150

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Hi folks, maybe you will have heard the excellent news that electric shock collars are to be banned in Wales (the Welsh are always ahead of the rest of us these days – maybe it's because Cardiff is where the rift in time and space is (Dr. Who fans know what I mean). I did wonder if the decision had anything to do with a stunt performed by the Welsh daredevils/lunatics from the TV show Dirty Sanchez (no I will NOT explain what that means) where they played extreme pool while wearing shock collars. Whenever one of them missed a shot, he got a shock. I have looked for the clip but no luck, however in close second is a demonstration of the different levels of shock that a collar can deliver. The guinea pig is a guy from across the Pond. Of course there are still those who claim that shock collars are a valuable training aid. I ask them simply to follow this guy's lead, then make up their minds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAXTQW94Gig The answer of course is to use a kind, patient way of dog training that also – more importantly – shows the dog it does not have to take on the job of protector, let alone be punished with pain for doing its job to the best of its ability. So well done to Wales. Tidy… Cheers, Tony P.S. The clip you can click onto on the film about a lazy, angry dog is a clear example of why we should call dogs to us, not approach them. Some people just don't listen to their dogs…. Sigh. P.P.S. I was visiting friends in Auch at the weekend and unfortunately found a shop that sold those awful prong collars as a "training aid". My mission is to get France to follow in the footsteps of the Welsh.... wish me luck. The first Jan Fennell dog training course in France this summer will be a good start...

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this might be fun but having read, and contributed, to the phantom buyer thread, i thought it might be fun to swap stories about unusual occurrences whilst house viewing in france. we originally viewed in the midi pyrenees and our favourite was a house that belonged to the local taxi/ambulance driver. the kitchen was occupied by various exotic birds flying around freely, the bathroom taken up by whatever you call one of those things you keep reptiles in, i daren't ask what was in it, but the best was in the "living" room where a huge pig was sleeping on the sofa, whilst a red setter was trying to get the pig off so it could have some comfort. the lady who showed us round seemed to have a nervous tic, but later on in the tour she started to disrobe to reveal a couple of ferrets running round under what originally appeared to be a very organic sweater. outside was like a mini zoo, you had to watch where you put your feet, and the owner seemd to know exactly what animal had left each deposit ! our next house to view was nearly as eventful, when we turned up madame did not appear so the agent casually entered and started to show us round, doing the usual agent patter, and telling us that it was strange that madame was not around, even though her car was in the drive, that she must be with a neighbour. enter the bathroom and there was madame in the shower, oblivious to the world, when she turned and saw us she didn't bat an eyelid, and very cooly said "oh monsieur , i didn't know you were coming today, pass me the towel and i'll be right with you". up here in brittany the best 2 were a living room with at least a dozen ceiling lights of the chandelier type, so you had to limbo across the room, apparently the old chap had an eye for a bargain in the sales along with a penchant for fancy lighting, plus deep pockets to afford to buy the 100 or so bulbs needed. the other involved the man of the house casually leaving his wife sauntering up the stairs, and when we followed 5 minutes later, was then involved in a tug of war with the toilet door and the agent, who exclaimed to the lady the door seemd to be jammed until the muffled protests from within revealed the truth. your turn now:)

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All Anglo Info reader's please could you tak a little time out of your daymto have a look at this trek im doing for cancer maybe post on your page and send to online friends family and please give generously its for a great cause close to my heart. if you are on facebook i have a group - jacks sahara desert trek on this link http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#/group.php?gid=102602301112&ref=ts This is my actual donation page link http://www.justgiving.com//jackcox please try and get all to post and mail the link donations can be made online usigna a credit card just like shopping online very quick easy and secure through a great site just giving. and please read what i have written so you understand why im doing this and up every little helps ;) every cent. if there are any payment problems please contact me on jack_in_france@hotmail.com please help me make a difference id appreciate any donation huge thanks to you all jack cox

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With the 'visiting' seasons now upon us what do you do to ensure a happy and stress free time from your visitors? We've been doing the airport runs, taking to places of interest that we've seen many times, taking out for meals sometimes paying, cooking all the meals and washing up afterwards. There is of the preparation of beds and rooms and the laundry afterwards - It's an unpaid B&B with meals and entertainment included. Costs rise and the value of the pound drops and many of us are on a limited income. Do you have a written charter or are you a softy and get taken for a ride like us? Do your guests have deep pockets? Many will not be back I can assure you.

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I had coffee with a friend today and the topic of conversation turned to misfortune. We have certainly had more than our fair share of bad luck this year, and my friend said that everyone she knew had been having a bad time, ( other than the credit crunch) . I for one will certainly be glad to see the back of 2009.

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Hello The Connexion newspaper is running an interview with a Ryanair manager in October - we would also like to talk to an expat in France who uses them regularly and really relies on their service. What difference does it make to you? What's good and bad about it? What could be better? Anyone interested can call me on 04 80 80 52 13 or email me on o.rowland@connexionfrance.com Thanks, Oliver

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Microsoft's recent collaboration with Yahoo has resulted in the introduction of Bing The next major search engine competitor to Google Anyone out there got a web site ? Apparently one of the keys to being found by Bing is to have as many links as possible from other websites pointing to yours. Anyone interested in swapping links ?

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There was an interesting article on the UK news last night about how the airlines are now emailing their passenger lists to the authorities in advance so they can check to see if there are any criminals etc. on the flights so they can pick them up when they land or at passport control at departure. Also that they would be able to keep track on everybodies comings and goings (how many days out of the country etc.). Do you think this information will be shared through the different countries, because I am sure the french authorities would love to know how many people actually live here and yet say they have a holiday home to keep themselves out of the system yet the ones that play by the rules and do everything properly get scrutinized more than necessary. - unfair I think!

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I have recieved 2 of these emails within the last week, you know the type from Nigeria and Ghana. Has anyone else recieved any lately ? although I just delete them they are annoying, does anyone know a way of stopping them getting to my mail box in the first place. Thanks

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Today wondering around our small town in the Gers I met a family who I had first encountered when enrolling for my French course last September. There were four of them, couple my age early 60's and their son and daughter in law. When I first met them they could speak no French whatsoever but good for them they were going to give it a go. They were in a different group to me, I'm only one up from very very basic so I hadn't seen them again until today. I asked them how they were getting on their reply was " We are going back home, this place is crap, we can't get any work".Hardly surprising as they still don't speak one word of French but, what really upset me was the statement "You can't get any benefits here" What did they expect? My real concern is that with this attitude the locals will tar us all with the same brush as wining scrounging Brits.

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So many houses for sale, are you all leaving France ?

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AI Brittany has limericks going on in their Great Debate section, must fill time on this drab summer we are having, someone starts line 1, then all come back with line 2, line 3 and so on, the person who puts the end line of the limerick begins the first line of a new one. Here goes : 1. There was a young lady from Tarn

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Hi, I've been looking at a website called "Home Based Business" it almost looks too good to be true, it tells of how to make what sounds like good money working on-line. Does anyone have any genuine experience of this company? Any comments would be much appreciated.

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This theme was started by someone (who, to protect the innocent shall remaine un-named) but wanted some hay for a horse. Come on .. a bit of banter please :-) :-) A for horse. B for Lamb C for Isanders D for .... je pense mais je ne sais pas e .... aussie je pense, mais ..... f for vessense Go On .......... fill in the rest ........... I know a few others ........ Take up the Challenge .......... Blus Skies

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Joe the plumber So we are not alone in having to beware of dodgy tradesmen I see the 'Joe the plumber' of the U.S. Presidential contest is not a registered plumber. He also owes back taxes in Ohio . His name is not even Joe . He is a registered republican . Moral - check paperwork and referenceslannemezan

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With the recent proclamation by Sarckozy referring to medical help for Brits in France who are not retired and the effective cancellation of the 106 cover previously used for support from the UK, form 106 was replaced by a card which was supposed to cover all EU countries. We have this plastic card appropriately issued by the CPAM. Is this card now defunct? Juan-con-la barba

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