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Can anyone advise me about what to do... I have rescued four very pretty, healthy kittens from a feral cat living in the area. The kittens were abandoned and in danger of drowning when they fell in my neighbours half empty pool. I've been hand rearing them for 2 weeks and they are nearly weaned and starting to use the litter tray but I can't keep them as I already am feeding 4 cats including my two house cats. I can't advertise them without microchips and numbers but am reluctant to spend more money on them unless there are homes out there for them. They are getting very lively and starting to explore their surroundings so it is getting harder to keep them safe in the barn. I will try and cope for one more week but then, unless I've found homes I will have to have them put down - which will be very hard. All my friends already have cats (mostly rescued) so I need to search further afield. Any suggestions? Don't advise local rescue centres - they are inundated with kittens and the maire cannot help. The mother cat is now at the vet's to be sterilised.

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I cannot find a vet in the Gers that seems to be registered to do cat passports ..anyone help ? it’s urgent .heard of one in Mirand Ut he charged 500€ for one cat I was told . I am trying to take 5 cats so that would be unrealistic can any. One advise if they know of a realistic priced vet anywhere in the Auch area of the Gers France Jeanette 

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I realize it is late in the season but does anyone have a recommendation for a sheep shearer? We have ten small sheep. Thank you

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I have free stabling and grazing available near Vic Fenzensac to keep my cob company. Anyone interested please call Mike on 0562 58 22 52. Many Thanks.

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My husband and I will be living in France for 6 months (then travelling on for a further 6 months) with our dog and we would like to take out some pet insurance (like we have in the UK) for vet fees.  Can anyone recommend a company we could use for this?

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Vote Trump

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Meredith!!! Please come back!!! Eight years ago you wrote a plea to vote for Obama with Bridges to nowhere (or something like that). Eight years on and the world has gone to the dogs, including AngloInfo. I blame this on Barack Obama. He is responsible for the disaster that is Angloinfo. Him and Hillary Clinton. They spent all the money on the Clinton Foundation, and so had to employ an 18 year old computer hacker to revamp the site, cost 10 euros per day/month. Mr President-Elect, please intervene. We need you.

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We have inherited two friendly male goats (brothers) that unfortunately do not get on with our dog. They are free to roam at our place and look after themselves as they have access to grass/scrub and a river.Free to a good home.

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Does anyone need a kitten for  free... someone had abandoned it outside my house and I can not keep it please help

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Any one know of one?

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Hi allFor those of you who like to know when the guys with guns and dogs start to roam locally - the hunting season starts this Sunday, 11 September all over the South West.The official map and government site for all things hunting related is here:http://www.oncfs.gouv.fr/Chasser-dans-les-regles-ru18/Dates-douverture-de-la-chasse-saison-2016-2017-news1863Giles

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HI All this is just a little question has anyone in the Puntous area (65) lost a male Golden Retriever in the past few weeks or so? This morning this dog was in our garden and has now been attempting to access the property all morning.He is a good looking male approximately 3 or 4 years old  no collar and is relatively nervous of strangers, he appears very friendly but when you approach him he walks off, he also has what looks like several raised dark coloured sores on his fur which looks like he may well have been on the loose for some considerable time, no one in our village has lost their dog and he has been seen wandering for some time now, unfortunately we are not able to take him in neither will he stand still long enough to photograph him. 

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Vanille came into the care of Les Amis des Animaux from the refuge where she was dumped as a puppy presumably because she had a severe case of entropion in both eyes.  This meant her eyelids were turned inwards so the lashes constantly irritated her eyes, making them full of gunge so she could barely see. Now they are perfect.Her description comes from her current fosterer in a series of Facebook messages:“I've been fostering Vanille (often called Milli Vanilli) for Les Amis des Amimaux for ten days now and it feels like she's been here forever ! She's really found her feet now, her personality has emerged and she is playing with all her toys, eating her meals and just generally being a lovely girlie ! . . .“We celebrated her first birthday on Saturday and she had a few presents but of course the perfect present would be a forever home.We think she's Labrador/Shar Pei/Setter but of course this is all guessing .. She's only 14kg so she's not a big dog but she sure has a big personality. . .“She will fetch a ball, enjoys a game of football and likes to chew a stick, adores her monkey and she especially loves having a mad half hour doing laps of the garden and leaping in the air like she's crossing a finishing line at the end. She is young so she'll then collapse on her bed and snooze quite regularly .. Which gives me time to collect up her numerous toys from the garden !“She's a very gentle girl, takes treats delicately from your hand and absolutely adores kisses and cuddles. As I said, Milli Vanilli is just a year old so she's young enough to learn and does still pull a bit on the lead for example, but she is very obedient, responds well and keen to please.  And she's beautiful !!”All Milli Vanilli needs now is her own forever home where she can fill a gap in your life.  Please come and meet her.  If you are interested, please write to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com, phone 06 40 59 40 01, or express your interest on her album on Facebook. ID NO 250269802602510

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We are happy to collect unwanted bees without harming them....  kirkusadams@aol.com

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Hello,Does anyone know of a cattery near Tarbes (Gers or Haute Pyrenees).Need to house my cat for a week in August.Many thanks

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anyone out there want to raise funds for the rescue centre in castelsarassin as this place is desperate , go and have a look take an hanky sadly I am too far away. but we do it in the limousine region with great success

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We understand there is bird flu at present but we would like to take our duck back to the UK.  The ban is going to be lifted in August to enable the movement of ducks in France. I have tried DEFRA and they can only advise me on the movement of a lorry full - not one duck.  Can anyone help please. Thanks

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Hello to all. Can anybody recommend a wholesale supplier of tinned dog food in France or even a supplier of dog meet? Or do you have experience shipping the tinned dog food from UK or elsewhere? We have two dogs that will become big and are looking to buy the food for them in bulk. They don't seem to be thriving on dry dog food... Thank you and a very happy spring to all.

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