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Can anyone advise me about what to do... I have rescued four very pretty, healthy kittens from a feral cat living in the area. The kittens were abandoned and in danger of drowning when they fell in my neighbours half empty pool. I've been hand rearing them for 2 weeks and they are nearly weaned and starting to use the litter tray but I can't keep them as I already am feeding 4 cats including my two house cats. I can't advertise them without microchips and numbers but am reluctant to spend more money on them unless there are homes out there for them. They are getting very lively and starting to explore their surroundings so it is getting harder to keep them safe in the barn. I will try and cope for one more week but then, unless I've found homes I will have to have them put down - which will be very hard. All my friends already have cats (mostly rescued) so I need to search further afield. Any suggestions? Don't advise local rescue centres - they are inundated with kittens and the maire cannot help. The mother cat is now at the vet's to be sterilised.

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Dave W-839 1503473168


You mentioned that the mother is being sterilised. Will she be microchipped? If so, you could advertise the kittens with the mother's chip number.

Vahram 1503476087

The mother has been on my land for about 2 years since she appeared as a very young cat and totally feral. This is her second or possibly third litter. I had to borrow a mammal trap to catch her and get her sterilised. Hence no chip number. Hence the problem.

Lynnwillard 1504446498

Have you tried Les Amis des Animaux, if you contact them I'm sure they will help.

Pam-Garwood-908663 1504471252

Hi .. I have messaged you as I know someone looking to adopt a cat/kitten.  

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I have been in France 6 years when we had been here 12 months I noticed a kitten in next doors wood shed and after putting food out she came to us an we were blessed she stayed with us and she had a kitten that we named Tommy as the years went by we noticed the neigbour was always nasty with any animal that stepped onto to his property I tried to be nice and said they were keeping the mice down. but over the last few years we got that we did not want anything to do with him as he spiked my drink one night I was up all night bringing food and drink back, but he kept asking then one night Tommy did not come back I stayed up most of the night, then next morning the neigbour came round and said the cat was dead it looked like he had been poissoned as there was blood in his mouth, it took a while to get over him, that was about 18 months ago.

Then last week we noticed that is mother Gracie's tail had been sliced twice and we took her to the vet and it had to be stiched up,

We thought he had killed Tommy and this was him having ago at us as we did not want anything to do with him then a few nights after the tail gracie did not come back over the daytime and it was at 11.20 at night she came back and she was terrified and with the heat she went for the water then the food.

Then a few days after this Gracie did not come back and as still not come I have to fear that this man next door as killed her and buried her but what can I do I would love to have another cat but I am terrified he would do the same to any cat we bought in and it breaks my heart to think I will not see her again.

The man next door is English, is there anywhere I can go to stop him doing it again to anyone else.

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