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Classes near Nogari

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Is it expected to be a sell out and IF NOT can you pay at the gate? I know you can pre book tickets online BUT this will be a lastminute trip if we go.Also can anyone recommend any decent "rugby bars" near the ground ? There will be 20 of us.

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Hi all, are friends want to visit the mountains but we dont have a car at the moment , is anyone going to the mountains from the gers l isle en dodon, boulogne sur gesse , gimont thank you very much please contact me if you are going xx

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As in previous years, people have posted an update ofconditions they have found on the hill so I thought I’d start one for this yearhaving had our first foray to Peragudes yesterday.So feel free to post your reports here (although rememberingthat yesterday’s awesome powder could be today’s boilerplate).Fancy finding a mate to ski with or want to carshare for the drive up, then ask in this thread.Have a great season – at least we have some decent  snow for the start this year. 

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Hi I have lots of English books from classics to DIY, does anyone know where I can donate them? 

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Hi AllThe Intersport Ski Shop in Sainte Marie de Campan is having a 'Destockage'There's loads of good stuff and plenty of ex hire skis and boots at realistic pricesIt's a bit off the beaten track so if you have a specific enquiry Sebastian is there 6 days a week on 05 62 91 87 54.Apart from living in the same village I have no connection with the business at all.Cheers Stef

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To our regular who visit this site: our French classes start again on Monday, September 4th (groups in Larroque and one-to-one or couples in Monléon Magnoac). If you want to join us, get in touch

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Does anyone know when Decthlon has its marquee sale - we have ski's and boots to sell!

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360 Expeditions just posted a query here, asking "What better way to unwind from the pressures of day to day life then to spend a weekend hiking the ‘Thousand lakes national park’ in the Pyrenees."Well, as I tried to reply*, the better way is to move out here and have no such pressures from which to unwind...* But their hour old post was deleted whilst I was composing my reply. Makes 'discussion' very difficult.

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HiI will be arriving to live permanently in the Thiviers area in around two weeks.I am looking for a fishing pond or lake where I can enjoy a day's  relaxing fishing.The fish don't have to be monsters, just catchable.Do you have a pond or do you have suggestions for a pond or lake in the vicinity?I have a mobility problem so would need to park reasonably close to the water, other than that, all suggestions welcome.I look forward to meeting youDave

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Hi, I,m looking to get into green laneing on motorbikes and was wondering if anyone out there new of a club or meet. I have not done this before but all my friends in the UK  do it, and inform that it would be great in my area. I am in Dept 65 Nr Maubourguet. Also if there are any trackday enthusiast out there on road bikes of course who use Nogaro or Pau,I would be keen to meet up as i regulary go. Cheers John

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Could anyone who has been skiing in the Pyrenees recently please post their report on the snow conditions? Is anywhere open yet?

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Within 60mins of Vic-Fezensac

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Hi.  I am planning to cycle from Bordeaux to Sete at the end of August. I have found bits and pieces of info online and read Iain Griffiths guide but would love tips from anyone who has recently been there and done it e.g. I have heard rumours that the trees have been cut down due to disease and some parts are not passable but I don't know where. As I understand it, a mountain bike rather than hybrid is needed.  I would love recommendations of places to stay on route.  If anyone is happy to share their experience that would be great.  Thanks!

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Hello I am about to move to the Nogaro area. I am very much into challenging fitness classes and weight training. I have been unable to find any listings for a gym that I could join. I know of one in Aire-sur-l'adour but the hours are restricted. Any one know of any others?? Thanks

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For all those cycling enthusiasts - the Tour de France is coming our way......The "stages" in the region are all here in the Events Guide:http://bit.ly/1VT1eLvThis Friday  8 July Stage 7  - L'Isle-de-Jourdain to Lace de Payolle via Smatan, Lombez, Boulogne-sur-Gesse, Castelnau-Magnoac, Trie-sur-Baise, Chelle Debat, Tournay, La Barthe de Neste and Arreau - see the map for the complete route.Roads will be closed......all along the route.Enjoy watching if you go!Giles

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I'm thinking of starting a poker evening in the Castres, Lautrec, Realmont area - anyone interested? I was thinking of using chips rather than money, but we could have a small pot for the evenings winner 'somethong like 15 or 20 euros from each participant). The idea is to have fun, learn to play better and have a reasonably sociable evening (no guns under the table please!) rather than end up in debt!My preference would be for No limit Texas hold-em, but that could be up for discussion. Anyone who loses all their chips could carry on playing but would not be able to win the pot, but I don't want a system that ends up with everyone playing defensively. Any other ideas welcome!Get in touch and let's put something together.Paul

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The Trie cycling club is organising a randonnée for tomorrow at 13:30. Fingers crossed for not-awful weather, but the serious cyclists will be riding anyway regardless, right?! ;)Start from the place in Trie at 13:30. 

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Hello!   I will be moving to Pechabou in the next couple of weeks and am interested in playing tennis (doubles.)   Any recommendations for clubs, etc?   Sarah

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