The 2017/18 Skiing & Snowboarding Thread

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As in previous years, people have posted an update ofconditions they have found on the hill so I thought I’d start one for this yearhaving had our first foray to Peragudes yesterday.So feel free to post your reports here (although rememberingthat yesterday’s awesome powder could be today’s boilerplate).Fancy finding a mate to ski with or want to carshare for the drive up, then ask in this thread.Have a great season – at least we have some decent  snow for the start this year. 

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Stella65 1512471950

Peyragudes 5th December

The resort was 50% open with reasonable snow cover for the time of year. Some nice soft snow to be found, especially the reds in the Lumieres area although there was plenty of hard pack/ice beneath the snow canons.

The place was empty with no queues.

Roads clear, with just a little packed snow in the village itself and car park.

Stella65 1512663519

Opening day at Grand Tourmalet today and the resort was slightly less than half open, and not busy despite the large numbers of Spanish visitors. Snow cover is fine for the time of year, pretty thin in places and some icy patches around the cannons.

Best snow on the red runs served by the Sapins chair.

Lots of snow forecast - bring it on!

Iolanthe-611425 1512762733

Keep it up!!

Iolanthe-611425 1512901313

In previous times, this thread would have 10-15 comments by now. It just shows what a disaster the site "upgrade" was (and still is), and how so many people left and have never returned. 

BUT, if proper and positive contributions are made, it might improve. Sadly any attempt by the Anglo-Info team to get the site turning over has been absent... Or if attempts have been made, then they have failed so far.

Whenever mentioned in conversation the response is always, "oh yes, terrible website change, I never look at it any more".

A salutary lesson in how to commit commercial suicide.

Stella65 1512904550

Dynastar will be up at La Mongie next weekend (15-17th December) with new models for testing. 

Mr Stella and myself will probably be going on Friday, given that our current planks are baseless, edgeless delaminating 15 year old models held together by P-Tex and hope.

Weather willing - the snow forecast is currently looking a bit on the rainy side.

Thanks for the input Iolanthe and bumping the post, although maybe if we could keep the thread on topic people might be more willing to  to contribute. Are you hitting the slopes this year?

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