Toulouse v Sale sharks 20 Jan

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Is it expected to be a sell out and IF NOT can you pay at the gate? I know you can pre book tickets online BUT this will be a lastminute trip if we go.Also can anyone recommend any decent "rugby bars" near the ground ? There will be 20 of us.

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Hello King Eric,I would not imagine that it will be a sell out as numbers on seats have declined a bit of late,which is strange considering the toulousain machine starting to roll well again. However why risk just turning up with twenty of you,book on line the day before :-)


I cant remember the name of any of the bars in town where I have spent many happy times pre and post match,but most bars near by have a good match day atmosphere,especially for the european games.

  Wishing you a good game,sale will need to be en forme !!

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Thanks IT. We have now got our tickets through our Club (Sale) .Toulouse were rather evasive / vague about lastminute so we bottled. I remember a bar near the post office from visit many years ago so will try and find there! It used to be v good: indeed some of our group sold their tickets to locals and stayed in the bar!!!

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Happy to hear that you have sorted out the tickets.   Aside from my favourite west wales side llanelli Scarlets , Toulouse have always been my other favourite team , so I shall be cheering for your opposing team,though wish you luck and a good match.    Our own dwayne peel played some good rugby for you guys !!   Enjoy :-)

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Well when you are based in Cheshire one has a "love " of the Welsh so touche : we watched Newport Dragons at Toulouse a few years ago and supported TLS ! May have a  spare ticket now for next Saturday if you are interested ??? 

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That is a kind offer ,but I am over in the Var working for the next couple of weeks down on the coast. I Shall check the tv guide though and see if France2 are showing it and if Sale cross the chalkline,I shall raise a glass to you and your friends.

I believe that love goes both ways,or at least for the nationalists in the North. I did hear that there is still an old bylaw that says an englishman can stand on the walls of chester and shoot the welsh with a bow and arrow,though only after the hour of midnight !!!!!!

I would of supported tls over newport too :-)

Bonne match

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