Exhibition Carré Saint-Vincent in Foix (09)

from Jan 5th 2017 to Jun 30th 2017


Exhibition Carré Saint-Vincent at 26 bis rue Saint-Vincent, Foix (09) from 5th January to 30th June.     Gallery open every Thursday from 2 pm to 7 pm and Friday from 10 am to 1 pm     Artistic creation, painting, sculpture and photography. Stage iconography. Organization of live performances (tales, poetry, reading, music ...). - Le Carré Saint-Vincent is simultaneously a place and an artistic collective.   An additional room has been set up to accommodate other works by Jean Bonavita. The themes will surprise you, but it is nature and friendship that bring together the 4 members of this collective. It is composed of two painters, Muriel Soldevila and Jean Bonavita, a sculptor Eric Martin and a photographer, Olivier Bonhomme. Artistic creation, painting, sculpture and photography.     Http://www.obonhomme.fr     Phone: 05 61 02 84 53 or mobile phone: 06 71 70 28 58