Hospitadella Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic of Hospitadella specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of all dental-related problems, using the support of the latest technology. Open six days a week. At Via San Pietro allOrto 9, 20121 Milan (MI).

Whether you are newly arrived in Milan or a long time expat, we can offer you excellent dental care in a relaxed, professional environment, with a native English speaker on hand to help out.


We have a team of specialists working on the diagnosis and treatment of all dental-related problems, using the support of the latest technology to achieve a level of unparalleled excellence. Founded by Doctor Carlo Gobbo, Hospitadella has been providing outstanding dental care for more than 28 years, establishing a reputation of quality, fairness and optimal results.


In the first consultation, your dental situation is analysed at 360 degrees, meaning that the doctor will take the time and effort to examine every element which can affect your dental health: individual teeth as well as the set of teeth as a whole, face profile, diet, general health and dental history, building a detailed picture of your situation and using the philosophy of ‘evidence-based medicine’ to construct a tailor-made treatment plan designed to make sure your smile doesn’t only look good tomorrow but lasts throughout the years.


Hospitadella maintains more than 50 members of staff, dedicated to continually improving and increasing the level of treatment available, and we remain convinced that the best treatment depends on the composition, training and enthusiasm of the people who work here. The professionalism and the excellence of the clinic is complemented by the presence within of the first dental laboratory in Italy certified by TUV, as well as  three exploratory microscopes, enabling microsurgery, 23 operating rooms and the most up to date technology available, with more than fifty thousand dental interventions and fifteen thousand implants completed so far. 


Hospitadella Dental Clinic, the house of excellence:


  • Dental clinic at the heart of Milan, two minutes walk from the Duomo
  • Native English speaker present
  • Relaxed, professional atmosphere
  • Long term care
  • 15.000 implants completed
  • 50.000 dental interventions completed
  • 28 years of activity and counting