Air Conditioning & Heating

Air conditioning, software, accessories for computers and more at Via Il Caravaggio 25, 20060 Pozzuolo Martesana (MI).
Specialists in hot air generators, dehumidifiers and professional cleaning tools. At Via Industria 12, 12062, Cherasco, (MI).
OMS Impianti srl
Air filters and conditioning systems, acoustic barriers and more at Via Pascoli 47, 21017 Samarate (VA).
Aggreko Italia
Air conditioning systems, electric heaters, refrigerating systems, dehumidifiers and more at Via Copernico 60, 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI).
Apen Group
Heating solutions for homes, companies and businesses including full gas convectors, boilers for outdoor installation, mobile gas heaters, hot air generators and air-conditioning systems. Located at Via Provinciale 85, 20060 Pessano con Bornago (MI).
For heating systems, air filters, water filters and air conditioning. Located at Via Spolverina 10/12, 46030 Virgilio (MN).
For air conditioning systems, fans, air treatment systems and air fresheners at Via Galilei 4, 20060 Ornago (MI).
Design and installation of air conditioning systems, hot air ventilation and vents for civil and industrial buildings. Located at Viale Lombardia, 20081 Cassinetta di Lugagnano (MI).
Air conditioning systems for individuals and enterprises at Via Bisceglie 76, 20152 Milan (MI).
Ash Grove Stoves
Supplier of Hunter wood-burning stoves (with or without boiler for central heating and hot water). Double-sided stoves also available. Deliveries throughout Europe.
Aqua Evolution
Air conditioning, taps and water filters. Also repair hydraulic systems. Located at Viale Lombardia (corner of Via Moncucco), 21053 Castellanza (VA).
Heating and cooling systems including chillers, heat pumps, thermal modules for heating and heaters using natural gas or LPG are sold. At Via Parigi 4/6, 24049 Verdellino (BG).
Mitsubishi Electric Europe
Heating and air conditioning systems, dehumidifiers and maintenance at Via Colleoni 7, 20149 Milan (MI).
Measuring instruments, accessories and spare parts for extractor fans, equipment for workshops, cables, circuit breakers, push-button panels, air conditioning systems and electric fans. Located at Via Mazoni 6/B, 20089 Rozzano (MI).
La Termotecnica
Construction of swimming pools and sports installations for companies and individuals. Also install air conditioning. At Piazza Albini 2, 23899 Robbiate (LC).
Air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems for homes and companies at Via Fermi 9, 20083 Bonirola di Gaggiano (MI).