Building Supply, Hardware & DIY

DIY products, draught-stoppers, doors and more at Via Industriale 4/b locality Castrezzone, 25080 Muscoline (BS).
DIY products, shelves, desks, tables, CD holders, camping items, accessories and more at Via Bergamo 1286, 24030 Pontida (BG).
Brianza Plastica
All types of roofs for homes and businesses, building materials and accessories and sound insulation at Via Riviera 50, 20841 Carate Brianza (MB).
Barboni Giovanni - Refrattari Brebbia
Products include handmade bricks in 100 different colours, high-tech pavers, mosaics, tiles and other building materials. At Via Cavour 53, 21020 Brebbia (VA).
Building materials, aqueducts, sewers networks, fountains and more at Via Antezzate 9, 25030 Roncadelle (BS).
Caverio Angelo
Cutting, measuring and building tools, metal working machines, mixers, forged carpentry items and turned items for hammers at Via Provinciale 45, 23813 Cortenova (LC).
Building materials, accessories and several kinds of lime at Via T. da Belledo 30, 23900 Lecco (LC).
Measuring instruments, accessories and spare parts for extractor fans, equipment for workshops, cables, circuit breakers, push-button panels, air conditioning systems and electric fans. Located at Via Mazoni 6/B, 20089 Rozzano (MI).
Aldeghi Luigi
Hinges, brackets, bolts, fittings and furnishings at Corso Bergamo 40, 23900 Lecco (LC).
Channel cutters, hand-held core drills, surface cleaners, electric stirrers, air scrapers, clef milling, chemical fixing and anchorages for scaffolding at Locality Cascina Malpaga, 24040 Ciserano (BG).
Locatelli Laminati
DIY materials, panels, tables, shelves and more at Viale Elvezia 58, 20052 Monza (MI).
Frigerio Carpenterie
Carpentry and building services, steel scaffolding towers, aluminium scaffolds, stools, platforms, fiberglass ladders, aluminium loading ramps, metal structures and accessories for ladders and scaffolds at Via Fermi 6, 24050 Orio al Serio (BG).
Rubi Zeta
Valves and retainers, boiler drain valves and components, fittings and manometer holders and other products for DIY in the home. Located at Via S. Girolamo 9, 25055 Pisogne (BS).
Copernit & C.
Roofing products such as bituminous water-proofing membranes, membranes for special applications, SBS polymer bitumen-modified membranes; acoustic and thermic insulation and building materials at Via Provinciale Est, 46020 Pegognaga (MN).
Metallic carpentry items, metal structures construction and assembly, carpentry work, benches, stairs and sheds. At Via Achille Grandi 27, 22070 Bregnano (CO).
Building materials including gutters, pipes, corners, expansion joints, spacers, supports and cross-spacers. At Via Giambello 5, 21040 Jerago con Orago (VA).
Centro Gamma Termosanitaria
Hydraulic materials, waterworks, heating systems, air conditioning, irrigation, building materials, floors, coverings, bath furniture and fittings, showers, sauna, taps and WCs at Via Mantova 20, 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS).
Roofs, roof tiles, insulating building materials and products, coverings for industrial buildings and more at Via Manzoni 28/32, 20019 Settimo Milanese (MI).
Leon Bekaert
Building products such as masonry reinforcement, plastering materials, fibres for concrete and road reinforcements, fencing systems, stainless wires and window films. At Via Copernico 54, 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI).
Asbestos-free items, compensating textile joints, heat resistant cloths, manhole gaskets, rolled cloth packing and round braided ropes. At Via Fontanelle 4, 25030 Paratico (BS).
Ferretti - Edilizia Metallica
Doors, window frames, facades and coverings. At Via Cecilio 15, 22100 Como (CO).
Franchi Emilio snc
Laser cutting, water-jet cutting, bending and punching at Via Rizzi 12, 22030 Proserpio (CO).