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Showcase Star
American counselor, providing counseling to individuals, couples and young adults.  Emphasis on cultural adjustment, couples counseling, intercultural relationship and family issues, anxiety, stress, and pregnancy and new parenthood. Member of As...
Showcase Star
English speaking psychologist-psychotherapist; 13 years experience with expats: adults, couples, children, adolescents. Areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, relationship/sexual difficulties, trauma, addictions, eating d...
Andrea Cairella, LPC
English speaking counselor from the USA providing counselling services to individuals and couples who are dealing with relationship issues, cultural adjustment, and stress management. At Corso Buenos Aires, 60 Milan.
Vanessa Hondius
English/Italian bilingual, member of Ordine degli Psicologi Lombardia - offers psychological consultation, Gestalt therapy, cultural adjustment for adults, children and adolescents in a confidential atmosphere. At Viale Coni Zugna 7, 20144 Milan.
Dr Gaia Del Torre
Working at the San Paolo hospital, in the Psychiatric department, this therapist is also specialised in personality and behavioral disorders. Her surgery is at Via San Gregorio 44, 20124, Milan.
Vanessa Hondius
English mother tongue psychologist & Gestalt therapist, educated in England and Italy, provides psychological support on issues such as cultural adjustment, anxiety, depression, stress, relationships. Works in Milan and Parma.
Elena Borreani Scesney CBT and EMDR Therapist
Chartered Psychologist Psychotherapist, specialised in CBT and EMDR. Areas of consultations include relationships, depression, anxiety, trauma. Extensive experience with expats, 5 years working in the UK. At via Stradivari 6, 20131 Milan, MM Loreto
Luca Stefano Colombo
Jungian analyst certified IAAP International in Milan and Lodi. Adult and couple therapy and counselling available. At Via Bartolomeo Eustachi 52, 20129 Milan (MI).
Francesco Rovetto
Specialises in psychiatry and clinical psychology. At Via Battisti 17, 20100 San Donato Milanese, Milan (MI).
International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association
International association of psychotherapists who practice EDT. At Via Pelizza Da Volpedo 12, 20149 Milan (MI).
Fabio Morandi Mindfulness Based Counselling
Qualified English Speaking Counsellor based in Milan. I offer Counselling to individuals in accordance to my training at the Karuna Institute, United Kingdom. The application of Mindfulness as a way of enquiry is the most important aspect of my work. Havi...
Giovanna Lodola
English speaking Psychologist, Cognitive and EMDR Psychotherapist. Offers consultation and therapy at Via Elba 10, Milano (MM Wagner) and Centro Sinapsi (Bollate, across train station).
Maria G. Randolph
Psychologist who offers couple and individual psychotherapy, divorce mediation, custody issues and child related issues. At Via Provinciale 20, Bergamo (BG).
Elisa Righetto
Offers English speaking counselling services. At Via Vitruvio 4, 20124 Milan (MI).
Milena Milani
English speaking Psychologist and Psychotherapist, trained in the UK and US, available for child and adult psychotherapy, parental counselling, treatment of learning disabilities and cognitive enhancement. At Via San Gerolamo 29, 20022 Castano Primo (MI)
Dr. Federico Rossi
English speaking Gestalt Counselor, based in Milan. Accredited Member of the European Association for Counseling with a B.Sc. in Business and Management, and an M.A. in Communication.
Elena Borreani Scesney
Chartered Clinical Psychologist and EMDR psychotherapist counsels for interpersonal relationships, depression, anxiety, trauma. Extensive experience with expatriates, 5 years working in the UK. Skype available. At Via Stradivari 6, 20131 Milan (MI)
Roberta Ribali
Psychiatry specialist who conducts individual and group psychotherapy sessions in English. At Via Cosimo del Fante 2, Milan (MI).
Velia Gelli
Provides counselling and therapy in English. At Via Cosimo Del Fante 2, 20122 Milan (MI).
Dr. Federica Tronci
Licensed Psychologist and Psychotherapist with relational-psychoanalitic training. Counseling with individuals and couples. Concerning issues: adjustment, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties. 
Mariano Enderle
Member of the American Psychological Association who specialises in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. At Via Boccaccio 35, 20100 Milan (MI).
Hooda Soodi
As a certified life coach, I show people how to stop struggling and start thriving. People usually come to me for direction, but what they REALLY walk away with is: Clarity, Confidence, and Courage. At Via Molino delle Armi 2, 20123 Milan (MI)
Silvio Scarone
Specialist in clinical psychiatry. At Corso Italia 41, 20100 Milan (MI).
Sara DellAria Burani
Bilingual chartered Psychologist-Psychotherapist. Counselling, Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR). Adults, teenagers, couples
Dr. Tommaso Farma
Private practice as psychotherapist, psycho-traumatologist, psychiatrist. Both English and Italian spoken.
Giovanna Lodola
Cognitive Psychotherapist, trained in EMDR. Sessions for individuals, couples, adolescents and children. Practice in Bollate.
Centro Clinico ISERDIP
Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst specialises in Individual Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and Short Term Integrated and Focused Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples. At Piazza Mirabello 1, 20121 Milan (MI).
Venosta International Studio of Mental Health
Offers a range of specialist services in one practice. Areas include consultation and psychodiagnostics, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, child and adolescent psychology and occupational psychology. At Via Visconti Venosta 5, 20122 Milan (MI).
Dr Ivan Ferrero
Chartered psychologist and life-coach trained in mind-body connection approach. Expert in psychosomatic, stress management, life changing and behavioral issues. v. Uguccione da Pisa 6, 20145 Milano (MM1 Pagano) (also online via Skype: dakkuso )
Luigi Rende
Fields include clinical psychology, psychosomatic medicine and hypnosis. At Via Orlando 20, 20100 Milan (MI).
Venosta International Studio of Mental Health
English/Italian speaking doctors offer services within the following areas: psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, child and adolescent psychology, psychiatry, occupational or organisational psychology and forensic psych. At Via E. Visconti Venosta 5.
The American Counselling Center
Member of the American Psychological Association. American English mother tongue clinical psychologist specializing in psychotherapy for couples, individuals and life coaching. At Viale dei Mille 5, 20129 Milan (MI).
Dr. Mariano Enderle
Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst. Member of the American Psychological Association, New York University Post Doctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. At Piazza Mirabello, 1-20121 Milan (MI).
Blossom & Leap
Life coach working with people who are seeking more satisfying and meaningful life experiences – such as improving their career, relationships, or work/life balance.
Dr. Sara Forti, PhD
Chartered pyschologist and neuropsychologist trained in the UK. Cognitive-behavioural approach. Expert on mood swings, anxiety, developmental disorders, couples and parenting. At Piazza Wagner 4, 20145 Milano (MM Wagner).
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