Counselling & Therapists

Showcase Star
American counselor, providing counseling to individuals, couples and young adults.  Emphasis on cultural adjustment, couples counseling, intercultural relationship and family issues, anxiety, stress, and pregnancy and new parenthood. Member of AssoCo...
Silvia Fiammenghi
Psychotherapist specialising in Integrative approach in Italian and English with adults, couples and groups. 
Dr. Sara Forti
Chartered psychologist and neuropsychologist. Expert on mood swings, anxiety, developmental disorders, couples and parenting.
Dr. Ceccarini
Cognitive Behavioural and psychotherapist for addictions, depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, somatisation. Skype sessions available.
Dr. Ivan Ferrero
Psychologist and life-coach trained in mind-body connection approach. Expert in psychosomatic, stress management and behavioural issues. 
Dr. Federica Tronci
Licensed psychologist and psychotherapist with relational-psychoanalytic training. Counselling with individuals and couples.
Dr. Sara Mirabelli
English speaking psychologist and psychotherapist works with adults, couples, children and adolescents. 
Francesco Rovetto
Specialises in psychiatry and clinical psychology. 
Vanessa Hondius
Bilingual psychologist offers psychological consultation, Gestalt therapy, cultural adjustment for adults, children and adolescents.
Carolina Traverso
English and French psychologist, psychotherapist and mindfulness based stress reduction teacher.
Hooda Soodi
Life coach working with people who are seeking more satisfying and meaningful life experiences.
International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association
International association of psychotherapists who practice EDT. At Via Pelizza Da Volpedo 12, 20149 Milan.
Dr. Mariano Enderle
Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst specialises in individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.
Dr. Camilla Gamba
Italian-American psychotherapist offering in-person and online counselling to expats.
Luca Stefano Colombo
Certified Jungian analyst offers adult and couple therapy and counselling.
Giovanna Lodola
English speaking psychologist, cognitive and EMDR psychotherapist offers consultation and therapy.
Sara Dell' Aria Burani
Bilingual chartered psychologist and psychotherapist works with Adults, teenagers and couples.
Dr. Gaia Del Torre
Working at the San Paolo hospital, in the Psychiatric department, also specialised in personality and behavioural disorders.
Studio Anna Barecka-Bocchiola
Clinical psychologist and certified EMDR therapist.  Has studied and worked in different countries (USA, South Africa and Poland) Works with people who came to Italy and who struggle to make this country their new home.
Dr. Chiara Maria Brambilla
Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, works on anxiety, depression and relational issues. 
Milena Milani
Psychologist and psychotherapist for child and adult psychotherapy, parental counselling, learning disabilities and cognitive enhancement.