Equestrian: Horses & Riding

Goccia dOro Ranch
Excursions on horseback, horse riding, dinners with local products and country accommodation at Via dei Vigno 134, 21100 Varese (VA).
Impresa Agricola Le Garzide
Horse riding lessons, excursions on horseback, bicycle rental and excursions, catering and traditional food at Via Cantoni 7, 26013 Crema (CR).
Agriturismo La Collina degli Aceri
Trekking excursions, horse riding classes, traditional Lombardy cuisine and country accommodation at Localita Monteacuto 3, 27050 Val di Nizza (PV).
Circolo Ippico La Pampa
Horse riding lessons, excursions on horseback, English school and trekking excursions at Via Cappuccini 4, 25017 Lonato (BS).
Grillo - Centro Ippico
Horse riding lessons and excursions on horseback at Via V. Inghigollo, 22070 Capiago Intimiano (CO).
La Locanda del Notaio
Horse riding facilities, golf course, ski pistes and bicycle rental at Via Ticino 22, 22020 Pellio Intelvi (CO).
Albergo Belvedere
Horse riding centre, accommodation, Internet point, hostess services, restaurant and garden at Via Poletti 27, 22024 Lanzo dIntelvi (CO).