Estate Agents: Cremona, Lodi & Pavia

Immobil Life
Specializes in residential and commercial properties as well as new developments.
Centro Casa
Real estate agency offers a wide range of services.
Studio Casa Cremona Nord
Flats and villas available to rent or buy.
Alpino Immobiliare
Country properties around Lake Maggiore available to buy or rent.
Stresa Luxury Real Estate
Agency deals with both commercial and residential properties.
HD Real Estate
Apartments and houses available to rent or buy on Lake Maggiore.
Centro Servizi Immobiliari
Services include sale of individual real estate, consultancy, assistance and fractional sale among others.
AG Immobiliare
Sells a variety of property types around Lake Maggiore including apartments, villas and cottages.
Casa Point
House, apartment, villas, commercial properties and more offered.
Estate agency chain offering a large selection of apartments to rent and buy in the Cremona district.