Investments in Italy

Nedbank Private Wealth
Nedbank Private Wealth is a British offshore private bank providing international banking and wealth management services to expatriates in Europe. Our services include multi-currency bank accounts, investments, foreign exchange and lending.
Meliorbanca (Milan)
A bank offering capital raising for private investors wanting to sponsor public or private development projects, private banking services, agricultural loans, capital, loan and risk administration. Located at Via Borromei 5, 20123 Milan (MI).
Meliorbanca (Mantua)
Banking services, agricultural loans, capital raising for private investors to sponsor development projects, loan and risk administration and consultancy at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 52, 46100 Mantua (MN).
Commercial, trading and financial consultancy, project management, investment solutions featuring real-time pricing, long-term position keeping, risk management and more at Via Ugo Bassi 2, 20159 Milan (MI).