Magazines, Newspapers & Radio

The Informer
Online publication with guide to life in Italy and overcoming tax, law, social security and employment problems. Office at Via dei Tigli 2, 20020 Arese (MI).
Italian Groove Radio
Italian, British and American music radio with announcements in English. Available online with WinAmp Media player.
Voice of America
Radio programmes on short wave across Lombardy. Also displays main headlines on website.
Gay Times
Montly magazine for homosexuals with news and lifestyle features. Available in Milan bookshops, such as Libraria Babele, which sell foreign books and magazines.
Italian Radio Relay Service (IRRS)
Short-wave radio station that broadcasts in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Ukranian. English programmes available on 88.85 MHz FM in Milan.
Media Age
Specialist monthly magazine with articles on radio, television, broadcasting, producing and programme distribution in English and Italian. At Via San Michele del Carso 11, 20121 Milan (MI).
Sky News
News in English available on satellite reception system.
Specialist Italian magazine about trekking including features on accommodation, excursions, events and holidays. Available in English and German online.
Rai International Radio
Daily foreign language news bulletins on short wave and via the internet.
Corriere della Sera
Italian newspaper that can be read in English online. It includes features on life, politics, news and receipes.
Easy milano
Free biweekly publication available at several shops. Subscribers can download it from the website.
BBC World Service
English-language radio programmes and news available on short wave and on the internet.
Hello Milano
Magazine available monthly to residents in Milan. Free copies distributed to hotels, tourist information centres, consulates and other locations. Includes city guide, news, information and events.
Online magazine subscriptions service for over 400 UK magazines covering a wide range of interests. Order the subscriptions online for direct delivery in over 250 countries worldwide.
Magazine published monthly for lesbians in Lombardy. News, entertainment, travel, music, scene and real life features. Subscriptions available online.