Sports Equipment & Sporting Goods

Reart Srl
Good range of clothes and equipment specific for dance. At Corso Garibaldi 49, 20121 Milan (MI).
Athletic Scarpe E Abbigliamento Da Corsa
Sports shop with a wide stock of running shoes and clothes. At Via Novara 123, 20153 Milan (MI).
For sports bikes, motorbikes and all associated accessories. At Corso Garibaldi 71, 20121 Milan (MI).
Los Locos Bike Shop
Shop near Lake Garda offers a large variety of bikes and biking equipment to buy or rent. At Via Casara Di Sotto 20, Lazise (VR).
La Montagna Sport
Mountain sports shop selling trekking equipment including shoes, socks, clothing and more. At Via Vitruvio 43, 20124 Milan (MI).
Outdoor and sports clothing for winter conditions. At Via Manzoni 46, 20121 Milan (MI).
Football Corner
Sells football equipment and official team strips. Offer of the month displayed on the website. At Via Corio 3, 20135 Milan (MI) and Piazza del Duomo 17, 20121 Milan (MI)
Tutto Per Lo Sport
Sports shop specialises in selling everything for mountain climbing, trekking and camping. At Via Torino 51, 20121 Milan (MI).
Dameno Sport
For skiing, trekking and nordic fitness accessories and equipment. At Via Costa 21, 20131 Milan (MI).
Shop selling sports wear including equipment for climbing, swimming, skiing and the gym. At Via Olimpia 3, 20052, Monza.
Kong spa
Equipment for winter sports, sailing, fishing, climbing, sports, rescue and more at Via XXV Aprile 4, 23804 Monte Marenzo (LC).
Ago Sport Di Agostino Funaro
Specialises in equipment for football, tennis and baseball. At Via Vipacco 36, 20126 Milan (MI).
Luca Sport
Sports shop sells general sport clothes and shoes. At Viale Monte Nero 39, 20135 Milan (MI).
Play For Dance
Clothing and shoes for ballet, themed and contemporary dance. Available for men, women and children. Shop located at Via Pier Della Francesca 86, 20154 Milan (MI).
Fase 2 Sport
Buys and sells used sports equipment. Online purchasing available. Closed Sundays. At Via Canturina 196, 22100, Como.
Il Cavallo DOro
Suppliers of horse-riding equipment. At Viale Tunisia 24, 20124 Milan (MI).
Club House
Shop sells all types of horse riding equipment, including saddles and clothes. At Via Tadino 13, 20124 Milan (MI).
Fortuna Sport
Stocks equipment for fishing and hunting. At Foro Buonaparte 57, 20121 Milan (MI).
Kim Forniture Scout Soc.Coop.R.L.
Camping and trekking products are available at Via Burigozzo 11, 20122 Milan (MI).
Bikes, motorbikes, helmets and other related equipment. At Viale Caldara 6, 20122 Milan (MI).
Shark Sub Service Srl
Scuba diving equipment store with wetsuits, belts, tanks, masks available. At Viale Legioni Romane 55, 20147 Milan (MI).
Garzilli Ernestina
Sells various items for horse-riding. At Via Rombon 38, 20134 Milan (MI).
Sells sports accessories for playing golf, tennis, squash and skiing. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00-13:30 and 15:00-19:30. At Corso Di Porta Venezia 15, 20121 Milan (MI).
Sior Team S.r.l.
Sports store specialising in football accessories including football boots, trainers, footballs and kits. Open from Monday to Saturday 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-19:00. Closed Monday morning. At Via Procaccini 32, 20154 Milan (MI).
I Quaranta Ruggenti
Fishing equipment and sailing equipment supplier. At Via Andrea Mantegna 15, 20154 Milan (MI).
Hobby & Volley
Volley ball shop supplies clothing, trainers and equipment. At Via Saccardo 7, 20134 Milan (MI).
MetalSport Diffusion Srl
Gym equipment and accessories. At Viale Certosa 294, 20156 Milan (MI).
Sportissimo Milano Di Sangalli Giorgio
Sports shop sells mainly equipment for scuba divers and hunters. At Via Ripamonti 21, 20136 Milan (MI).
Doctor Tennis
General sports shop that offers a wide range of products for football, tennis, swimming and squash. At Via Sanzio 39, 20149 Milan (MI).
Sports store specialises in football memorabilia. At Via Saccardo 7, 20134 Milan (MI).
Obiettivo Pesca
Large fishing equipment and clothing store based on the shore of Lake Garda. Stocks products for fresh water and sea fishing. Also has a range of products for archery and darts.
Dimensione Danza
Stocks clothing for all types of dance disciplines. At Corso Europa 2, 20122 Milan (MI).
Football Team
For football themed equipment and clothing including t-shirts, watches, gloves, sports bags and boots. Also supplies official team t-shirts. Purchases can be made on-line. At Via Rubens 26, 20148 Milan (MI).
Diana Sport
Selling clothes for a range of sporting activities for men and women. At Piazza Frattini corner with Via Barzilai 1, 20146 Milan (MI).
Bicycles available to hire or buy. At Via Ponte Seveso 33, 20125 Milan (MI).