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I was a British citizen living in Italy for the last 4 years, during that time I was an Italian resident (with a residency certificate and P.Iva tax code) and I bought an Italian car. Fast forward a couple of years and I've just moved back to the UK, I liked my car and spent quite a lot keeping it alive (it is an Alfa of course) so I brought it back to the UK. I've registered it with the DVLA, it now has British plates, MOT and insurance but now I'm trying to de-register it in Italy and getting a bit stuck (surprise, surprise). Apparently I have to inform the PRA of it's permanent export and return the Italian plates, which apparently you can do at an ACI STA desk or at the Italian consulate in London... except you have to be an Italian citizen to do so... I've contacted them and they say they can't help since I'm not an Italian citizen. The alternative seems to be that I would have to travel to Italy just to fill in a few forms and give them my plates...http://www.conslondra.esteri.it/consolato_londra/e...I'd be tempted just to say F'it and not de-register the vehicle except they will try and continue to tax me for it and the tax on that car was insane, whilst I'm not too worried about them chasing me here for it I don't really want to be arrested at the airport next time I visit Italy and I don't really want to pay tax on it until I next go there...Anyone got similar experience that can help?

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I am going to be in Milan with a group of cyclists and need to hire a box trailer to carry bags. I cant locate a trailer hire centre. They must exist but all i see on the web  are car hire places. Can anyone tell me a contact to in Milan to hire a trailer?

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someone went past me at a traffic light to my right and scraped all the way down the right side of my car as there wasnt enough space for him to pass. Any ideas as to who's insurance should pick up the tab?  

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Hi Milan just popping over from Angloinfo Rome to see if anyone has any experience of car2go. I know it has been in Milan for a while now, it has just come to Rome and am interested in looking into it. Always good to get some first hand opinions thanks  

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any idea how much a taxi is from malpensa to central Milan?

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what does it mean when cars are sold at "km zero"? What is difference between that and a new car?

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what is the norm re car insurance here? Back in the UK I would only consider fully comp but in Italy it seems that 3rd party fire and theft is the norm? Is that right?   

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can anyone suggest a reliable second hand car dealer? thanks  

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Hi I live in the UK and found two nice Italian reg. classic cars (1968) near Pisa which I would like to drive back to the UK. One is a private sale. The other an Italian garage. Questions                                                                                                      Answers: What is the process of buying/exporting an Italian classic car? Cost? Where in Italy or, the UK, can I get temporary (1 week) EU insurance on an Italian reg. classic car? If I can get temporary Italian insurance: Can I simply get the original Carta di Circulazione + Bill of Sale and drive it back on the seller's Italian reg plates? ( I will send back the original plates to the seller) Or, must I get an Export licence + temp. plates? If so, how long does this Export process take and where do I go? If the seller is an Italian garage:  Is it possible, they can they give me temporary EU insurance? Any advice would be most welcomed & appreciated. Many thanks    

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Hi there, I'm trying to get to Milan by 23/08/13 and I'll be happy to share costs (petrol and expenses) if anybody is going to Milan before that w/end. Thanks,

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Planning to buy/drive an Italian classic car back to the UK but as I am not an Italian resident, I am unable to get temporary EU insurance, either in Italy or the UK!   So I have 2 options:   Forget it Find a Milan car transport company   Would anyone have any ideas?   Ideally, I'd like to drive the car back but the insurance is the proble, UK insurance companies or the AA do not insure foreign reg cars.   Hopefully, someone has a suggestion. Thanks in advance.   julian67@mail.com

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Hi Planning to buy an italian classic car  to drive around the EU for 6 months and then export back to the UK. What is the procedure for exporting the car? (documents needed + where to go + cost) The car is in Pavia How long does it take to get temporary plates + insurance? Can anyone recommend an insurance company offering EU insurance for up to 6 months?   Many thanks?

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Does anyone else use a bike as their main means of transport in downtown Milan? How safe do you consider it to be, are there bike lanes and is there a high incidence of bike theft?

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Does anyone know of a classic car garage specialising in Italian models?

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Is anyone going to Malpensa from central Milan today? I'd love to catch a lift if possible?

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Is anyone driving up to Bormio this weekend? If so, could I get a ride with you?

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We have a turbo hose with a crack and have been unable to find a replacement part either in France or the UK. The car was bought in Italy in the year 2000 and this particular model was never sold in France or the UK to my knowledge, so we don't hold much hope of finding a replacement here. Does anyone know of an Italian source for parts that are no longer stocked or manufactured??? I've tried ebay.it and an Italian car parts website, but since we don't live in Italy we're a little short on ideas!

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Can anyone help. I would like the Italian phone number for either of the above. The freephone number on their website takes you to the country you are calling from and I need to talk to someone in Italy as I have to get a certificate of conformance and one cannot be supplied from the UK people.

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Does anyone know if I can drive a scooter here on a normal car driving licence?

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I would like to buy a classic car. Does anyone know of a showroom in Milan please?

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