Advice: Buying/exporting/insuring an Italian classic car

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Hi I live in the UK and found two nice Italian reg. classic cars (1968) near Pisa which I would like to drive back to the UK. One is a private sale. The other an Italian garage. Questions                                                                                                      Answers: What is the process of buying/exporting an Italian classic car? Cost? Where in Italy or, the UK, can I get temporary (1 week) EU insurance on an Italian reg. classic car? If I can get temporary Italian insurance: Can I simply get the original Carta di Circulazione + Bill of Sale and drive it back on the seller's Italian reg plates? ( I will send back the original plates to the seller) Or, must I get an Export licence + temp. plates? If so, how long does this Export process take and where do I go? If the seller is an Italian garage:  Is it possible, they can they give me temporary EU insurance? Any advice would be most welcomed & appreciated. Many thanks    


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