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Hi Milan just popping over from Angloinfo Rome to see if anyone has any experience of car2go. I know it has been in Milan for a while now, it has just come to Rome and am interested in looking into it. Always good to get some first hand opinions thanks  


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Hi there. I have used Car2Go quite a lot in the past couple of years prior to buying my own car recently. I would say part of the reason that I decided to buy a car was that I became a bit grudging of seeing lots of money being spent on the Car2Go service (along with the Twist which is another car rental scheme here in Milan). After seeing over 500 Euros or so go on renting (plus some longer weekend rentals from other companies) it became too irritating to see all that money go on 'nothing', so decided I'd be happier if I had something to show for my money. That is probably the only major 'con' though. The only other negative I can think of is that at times the cleanliness of the cars can be quite poor - the car not being the property of the user seems to bring out the slob in some people!


The positives are many:

There are a lot of the cars, you'll rarely struggle to find one near your location.

They are great in an emergency when you need to get somewhere quickly and can't afford to wait around for a couple of metro changes or there isn't any public transport nearby.

You get the petrol free with a prepaid top up card within the car that can be used to top up if you need to, but isn't mandatory (I think you also get rewarded for doing so with some free minutes on your account every time you fill the car up).

They are also very useful even now for me, when I am getting a flight and I have to get to a pick up point for the coach - I just hop in one and park it nearby the coach stop, rather than dragging suitcase around on metros, getting to the metro stops, etc. Also, upon returing to Milan after midnight recently at Centrale with the Metro closed, my only options were taxi or Car2Go. A taxi would have cost me roughly 30 Euros, the Car2Go cost me about 6 Euros. Convenient and cheap.

If you are planning on using the car just now and then to help out when time is tight or legs are tired, it's a definite winner. Just don't get addicted to using it like I did, or you will end up spending a fortune!

Hope this info helps!

P.S. It's better if you use an Italian Credit Card when you sign up, as every transaction on the British one will cost you a Pound.

P.P.S. For parking - be carefuly to check the street signs carefully - it's usually any white, blue or yellow pay that's fine for the Car2Go to park in, but on street cleaning days the Car2Go gets a ticket like the rest of them that are parked without permission and they pass it on to you!

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