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As part of the Nice International Half Marathon, Azur Sport Organization invites you to participate in the "Haribo Teens Run" which will take place on the Promenade des Anglais on Sunday, April 15th.2 DEPARTURES BASED ON YOUR AGE:12/16 years: 12h10: 3 km timed event (medical certificate and parental authorization required)10/11 years: 12h30: 2km untimed event (parental permission compulsory only)The HARIBO Family Run is open to all (men, women and children) and the start will be given at the same time as the Haribo Teens Run 2 kms.€ 1 will be donated to each registration to the Cancer League for support in the fight against breast cancer.Many prizes will be won for the best (invitations for tree climbing, zipline, tickets to Marineland, Cirque Medrano and t-shirt in Haribo colors and candy bags will be offered to all the participants of the race!Departure and Arrival on the Promenade des Anglais. Registrations will be this year still limited!We are waiting for you for this morning under the sign of conviviality and surpassing oneself!

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Hi everyone (hoping someone sees this), I am a nanny for an Italian family in London but we will be in Milan over Easter - does anyone know of any activities I could take the kids to?? I have 5 days to fill, and no plans as yet.... ANYTHING will help! Thanks in advance,Alison

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What are your favourite Christmas books. I want to buy books for my God-daughter this year and would love some classic Christmas stories. Any ideas?

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My niece wants to start dance classes in Sept. She is 6. Any suggestions re best kind of dance to go for?  

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am thinking ahead to the summer and we will only be away for a few weeks and I have the rest of the 3 months to fill up for kids! Any suggestions?? thanks

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Hi can anyone recommend a good kids scooter, ideally one that will last a few years.for a 6 year old

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Anyone here got kids in Italian elementary school. How much homework do they get? My life seems to be based around homework at the moment! Is it just our school?  

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Dear Parents, Are you looking for an english speaking nanny? I am a nanny from London with 13 years of experience looking after children. From new born babies to children of all ages. I am staying in Milan near Loreto Metro station and i am looking for part time or full time nanny work/ babysitting. If you are looking for a reliable, experienced caring nanny that can also introduce and improve the English language to your children, please contact me to arrange an interview or discuss any questions you may have. I am Ofsted registered, first aid qualified and have my CRB check if required. References can also be providedon request. Please contact me if you are interested or know of anyone looking for a nanny.I am very flexible with hours and happy to work around your schedule. Kind Regards, Aliz

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those who celebrate the Befana, do you go to town or just get a stocking with sweets from the supermarket?

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any ideas for a present for an 8 year old girls birthday? thanks

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Hello everyone! I just moved to Milan from the US, and I am very eager to meet some friends and also have my kids meet other kids. Would anyone be interested in joining us for a playgroup? My kids are 3.5 and 1.5. Hoping to find friends soon! Sarah

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Hi guys Have friends visiting this weekend withtheir kids. Any suggestions re what I can do with them to keep them amused? Appreciate your replies :)  

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can anyone point me in the right direction for a good sized toy store in central Milan?Thanks  

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Not for me I hasten to add but a friend is asking where you can get decent maternity clothing from in Milan. Any ideas?  

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Hi has anyone had any experience of opting their kids out of catechism? I don't want mine to feel excluded if most tend to do it? thanks for any replies 

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Hello all!We have finally made it to Legnano, north of Milan, and I am seeking a public swimming facility that has a kid oriented swimming area. We intend to go to the lakes, but wondered about public pools and whether anyone has found one that they love. My 6 yr old is learning to swim and loves it when she can touch the bottom of the pool. My 8 yr old girl is a great swimmer, and I have a 15yr old girl and a 20 yr old son as well. We will be here til the end of July, Lord willing, then returning to Canada.Thank you!Sincerely,Julie and familyLegnano, Milano

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Any suggestions re good xbox games the befana can bring my 8 year old son?

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Anyone seen any good family friendl y films at the Cinema recently? I have promised we will have a Christmas cinema visit as a treat, just not sure what to see  

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Hi I have been asked by my childs teacher to go in once a week and do English with his class. Am happy to do it but would appreciate any tips or ideas from you English teachers out there. The class are 6-7 years old and are all Italian. thanks

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Hi, My husband and just finalized our relocation to Milan for this September. So its a little bit last minute but we need to find a school for our son who is 7. We have dual passports (Canadian and EU) and are considering staying in Italy for the long haul if things work out well. So we are looking at the possibility of registering our son in a regular, Italian language state school. I know in Canada, although public schools were supposed to be equal that wasn't necessarily the case. Some schools had a lot more after school activities, special needs programs and elective course offerings than others and when applying to Universities your average would be lowered or raised based on which highschool you went to.  Could anyone let me know if this is also the case with the public schools in Milan? If so, which state schools would you suggest we look at? Our son is mildly autistic and although he basically integrates he does need some special assistance at times, especially during large group activities. This is why we are particularly curious if some of the state schools may be better equipped than others.  Thanks in advance for your help. Ps. We are also looking at good quality montessori schools if anyone has suggestions.  

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