Children's Public Swimming places?

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Hello all!We have finally made it to Legnano, north of Milan, and I am seeking a public swimming facility that has a kid oriented swimming area. We intend to go to the lakes, but wondered about public pools and whether anyone has found one that they love. My 6 yr old is learning to swim and loves it when she can touch the bottom of the pool. My 8 yr old girl is a great swimmer, and I have a 15yr old girl and a 20 yr old son as well. We will be here til the end of July, Lord willing, then returning to Canada.Thank you!Sincerely,Julie and familyLegnano, Milano


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I actually live in Navigli, central Milan but I once went to a nice pool in Legnano called Ferdinando Villa at Viale Gorizia 28. Worth a try!

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Hello Julie,

My name is Daniela and I live near Legnano. In Legnano there is an indoor swimming pool with 2 pools one of regular length and with different depth (you touch when you start but you don't when you arrive) and a smaller one with warmer water always 120cm deep. During the summer they open the outdoor park and if I remember well there still are 2 pools one for kids and one for grown-up. There also is a nice swimming pool in Parabiago, just 20minutes from Legnano. Here too you can find a regular pool and a small one with warm water only 75cm deep where I go with my 6 months baby. You can also find outdoor pools for summer. More details on: Both Legnano and Parabiago swimming centers are handled by the same organization, just click on Impianto di Parabiago or Impianto di Legnano.

I'm trying to grow up my baby as a bilingual so I speak only in English with her, we have English books and cd with nursery rhymes and so on. I was wondering if we could meet sometime with our kids for a walk in the park or an ice-cream and speak in English. Unfortunately tomorrow I will go back to work but I can be available from 16.30 or on Saturday afternoon. In Legnano there is a nice park where kids can feed birds and squirrels and now that we are going towards the nice weather (finger crossed) it could be nice to have a stroll over there. What do you think?

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Hello DaniAly.  Life and work brought us to Montreal, so I never saw your reply until now.  It would have been so nice to spend time together.  We hope that life may bring us back to Legnano again someday, and if so perhaps we may still have a chance to connect.  I hope you are your baby are doing well.  :-)


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