Differences Between State Schools?

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Hi, My husband and just finalized our relocation to Milan for this September. So its a little bit last minute but we need to find a school for our son who is 7. We have dual passports (Canadian and EU) and are considering staying in Italy for the long haul if things work out well. So we are looking at the possibility of registering our son in a regular, Italian language state school. I know in Canada, although public schools were supposed to be equal that wasn't necessarily the case. Some schools had a lot more after school activities, special needs programs and elective course offerings than others and when applying to Universities your average would be lowered or raised based on which highschool you went to.  Could anyone let me know if this is also the case with the public schools in Milan? If so, which state schools would you suggest we look at? Our son is mildly autistic and although he basically integrates he does need some special assistance at times, especially during large group activities. This is why we are particularly curious if some of the state schools may be better equipped than others.  Thanks in advance for your help. Ps. We are also looking at good quality montessori schools if anyone has suggestions.  


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did you manage to get any information regarding this? Am gathering schooling information for a colleague.

Many thanks


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I hope you are sorted. My personal opinion is I have found the state schooling in the case of my son very good. He has a lad in his class who has mild learning difficulties and he has a one on one teaching assistant with him in addition to the class teacher. Private schools will definitely provide more in terms of activities, here you have to sort any activities out separately from state school on the whole. So sports classes, swimming etc are all separate from tyhe school although they do 1 hour of gym a week. Hope you are settled anyway, it is minefield to begin with!

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We are in fact in Milan but unfortunately I can't register my son in school until I have a permanent residence and I am finding that renting as a foreigner is not an easy task here.

We moved independently and are willing to pay up front for a year in advance since we don't have Italian 'referencia'. However, many owners seem terrified to rent to anyone who isn't Italian or has years of italian bank and work records.

It's been painful to say the least.

So outside of looking at apartments daily I haven't done too much.

I have heard from a number of people that state schools are pretty good in Italy and coming from Canada where pretty much everyone used the public system and it was quite good, I'm most likely going to follow that route here also. Since we are staying here indefinitely I want my son to learn Italian and get into the life and culture here.


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